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    11th July 2007

    Ode to Pilgrim Pines

    Pilgrim Pines they call you – and certainly there are pine trees
    But trees of many kinds you have, with many kinds of leaves
    And big grey rocks clothed in moss long ago rolled down
    And in this very spot they stopped for us to take pictures on
    I love how much you haven’t changed these 9 years I’ve been gone
    People lounging on the beach and playing frisbee on the lawn
    Morning mist over the lake gives way to noontime sun
    Eating at the snackshack comes before all other fun
    Now it will a little while before I can return
    But I’ll be back – sooner than later – of that much I am sure

    I went to a wedding in Springfield, Mass last weekend. My cousin Karen was married to a great guy named Jake. The wedding was beautiful, the reception was fun, and the cousining (our verb for what we do when we cousins get together) was spectacular. The “reception” lasted much longer than it was supposed to because we were all hanging out – it was in my aunt and uncle’s amazing backyard – and after the bride and groom and most of the guests had left we sat around a campfire for a while.

    Then on Sunday we went up to Pilgrim Pines, a camp in New Hampshire where we had family reunions when we were younger. We stayed overnight and Monday afternoon when we had to leave to catch our flight in Hartfore it was terribly hard to go. Sigh…


    3 Responses to “Ode to Pilgrim Pines”

    1. eric says:

      ah, the good old Pines… they are still as good as i remembered them…

    2. Mike-e says:

      Yes indeed, quite tragic having to leave. I wonder if there is a covenant camp in Hawaii?

    3. Daryl says:

      What’s to say?
      Thanks for commenting here on this one, I really liked my poem and i was hoping someone else would read it who had been at the Pines and comment on it… Oh well. I did notice Mike that you joined a certain group after I did. It’s a good one.

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