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    14th April 2007

    Life and Death and Everything In Between…

    Sounds like a good title for an album of music or a book full of musings.

    Since my Spring Break a couple weeks ago I have written and turned in an even 60 pages of double-spaced academic writing. Eight pages were just a sermon manuscript, and a couple of those pages were bibliographies and/or title pages, but even if you don’t count those, it was still probably 50 pages of solid writing. I have six more pages to turn in on Monday, but six doesn’t seem like that much right now. In these couple weeks where I have been mostly focused on schoolwork, a number of noteworthy things have happened:

    My cousin Elizabeth birthed her second son. Dave and Elizabeth already had little Zechariah Augustine Kao Holmlund (only little in number of years lived – one), and now ZAKH has a baby brother, whose name is Ezra Witsias Kao Holmlund. Herman Witsias is one of the key players in Dave’s PhD dissertation.

    Kurt Vonnegut, Jr died. Vonnegut was the author of Slaughterhouse Five, Cat’s Cradle, and God Bless you Dr. Kevorkian, among other fine works – and he was also one of the most influential author’s in my intellectual development.

    I had re-evaluation appointments at Craig Hospital, just to make sure everything was going well and to prevent anything from going wrong in the future.

    I visited a couple of friends in hospitals (Poudre and Craig hospitals, respectively) and then caught a respiratory infection of some sort – that I think I got from Poudre. This made paper writing significantly less enjoyable last weekend as I had a headache and fever for three or four days.

    My little bro got a state-qualifying time for swimming as part of the 200 meter IM relay (he swims the breast-stroke leg).

    I played at Blue Sky Church open mic – tonight actually – I just got back. It was a good time with a bunch of talented musicians playing.

    Well, I’m tired and going to sleep. Sleep well all my friends out there.


    3 Responses to “Life and Death and Everything In Between…”

    1. Mikey says:

      Woot, made the blog again. Also, on a slighly interesting note. This morning i was musing with one of my good friends regarding my confrence championship meet. And realized that prom falls in the weekend before, right smack in the middle of taper. I half joked/was not kidding when i said, “man, i wish i wasn’t going to prom haha”. Now, checking my e-mail, i have received an e-mail from my prom date telling me she cannot go with me as “just friends” and hopes i can find another date…foolish girls, and yet i can’t help but smile, and be slightly enthused by the outcome of this situation. Hazaa!

    2. Loren says:

      Good work Mikey, prom is too expensive.

    3. Mikey says:

      …oh and i posted that here well, because i decided that it could be categorized as “everything in between” haha.

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