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    4th May 2007

    I know you all are wondering…

    …about my guitar, and whether I have gotten it back or gotten a new one yet.

    Well, the guy who took it pawned it the next day and since I had filed a police report and called all the Fort Collins pawn shops, it was reported to the FC police. They had been working on it for a while before they contacted me. I identified some pictures of the guitar – and picked a guy out of a lineup who had seen me in a backroom on the night it was stolen, and who was in fact the one who had pawned it.

    Case closed, I thought. Now I’ll get my guitar back.

    That was about a month ago, now – and still no guitar!

    So what is going on with my guitar? That’s what I wanted to know, and so I called the detective assigned to the case and asked when I could get it back. He told me that it could be held as evidence until this guy is brought to trial – which could be a while – and while they could use pictures (which they already have) in it’s stead, it would be up to the District Attorney to release the guitar. He said he would call and request that they do so, but I almost wish he hadn’t. Given the family luck with the FC DA the guitar will probably either be given to the guy who stole it – or to Steven B. Ray!

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    One Response to “I know you all are wondering…”

    1. Kimmy says:

      I hope you get it back soon!

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