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    1st April 2007

    I got married this weekend!

    Yeah, so, I kind of eloped and went to Vegas this weekend. Most of you out there probably didn’t even realize that I had a girlfriend – and now I’m married. See, the wifey and I figured that it would be easy to remember anniversaries if it was on April Fool’s Day… Speaking of which, I guess I didn’t really get married this weekend – and I really don’t have a girlfriend… And I really don’t expect many of you to fall for the headline on this posting. But for the few that might be a little confused at first: Ha! I got you good.

    I have seen pictures of my stolen guitar. It is still in existence. Because of the in-progress nature of this case, I would rather not discuss all of the details openly on the net. Long story short – I think that I will be getting my guitar back without too much serious wear or damage. And whatever wear there is will be worth the added character of it having been stolen. That guitar was in the backseat of Carson’s car on November 24, 2004 when we all almost died (though I was the closest to actually dying). And now that guitar has been stolen. That’s pretty cool, right?

    The other things going on in my life are 1) homework, 2) handcycling, 3) eating, 4) playing guitar, and 5) sleeping. The order listed there is probably the order that I am allotting time to those items, also -which is amazing because I have actually been working on my schoolwork. Not as much as I should be, mind you, but I’m doing it.

    Like, right now. I’m doing my schoolwork right now, as you read this, wherever you are.


    7 Responses to “I got married this weekend!”

    1. Mikey says:

      Ha, it is true, I know for a fact that you are working on your schoolwork presently. So, your telling me that you spend more time eating than playing guitar?

    2. Daryl says:

      Well, the amount of time I have been spending on those 5 items might be in slightly different order from day to day, but I don’t know – I have just been working on homework and eating at the same time, so that has to count for something.

    3. Kimmy says:

      Your funny!

      I hope you get your guitar back soon. What guitar are you playing right now??

      I should be doing homework right now. I am so sick of schoolwork. Boo.

      One random question and then I will join you in doing homework. Are you having nice weather out your way? (ok, I lied, it’s two questions) How goes handcycling?

    4. Loren says:

      Congrats on the guitar. I tried really hard to get a shindig going to get that guitar replaced, but nothing would go. I guess now we know why.


    5. Laura McGiness says:

      Wow, your guitar is becoming quite a celebrity! I liked re-reading our little virtual conversation from February on your blog. That was a good discussion.

      So I went out to Boulder during my first weekend of spring break to check out CU’s graduate program. And…I decided to turn down the offer. *gasp!* Yes, it is true. I won’t be living in Colorado after I graduate from Calvin, although I’m still seriously considering seminary (Denver Seminary being one choice for me). We’ll see what happens, but it became very obvious to me after visiting the school that that’s not the right thing for me to do immediately. But who knows? My plans could eventually lead me that way again…I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

    6. Daryl says:

      Alright. Answers: Kimmy, I’m playing the guitar that I bought in middle school. It’s not as good, but it gets by. I guess I even used it my first semester playing at LOFT. I used to break a lot of strings on it – now I’m playing electric guitar strings on it and it is fun

      Nice weather? Sometimes. It has been on and off sunny and 50s and 60s this week, but we’re supposed to get rain – still nicer than Michigan.

      Handcycling? Love it, but this weekend I’m a bit sick and I still have 30 pages to write for class by Tuesday.

      And yes, I don’t know when the guitar will be back. Sometime soon, I hope.

      And Laura, it sounds like you have many good options. I’m preaching in class next week on Romans 13:8-14. I think it should be good. But first, I have those 30 pages on James 4:13-17 – and now, sleep.

      Cheers and much love to you guys,

    7. Kimmy says:

      I’m sick this weekend too. So not fun! I hope you feel better soon!!

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