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    28th October 2007



    So, it’s entirely possible that you’ve never heard of this word before – especially seeing how as it is essentially a made up word to describe the companionship of males, especially in the context of Christian men’s fellowship. (I tried to search google and find out if anyone had ever intentionally used this spelling of this word for any real purpose, and after looking through about a hundred pages I was satisfied that it is almost exclusively used as a mispelling of ‘companionship’).

    Anyways, regardless of what this ‘word’ has been used to denote, it is also the title of an e-zine (a web based magazine of sorts) that some guys from my church decided to put together.

    You can find the first issue of Comanionship at . It features a humorous review of “What Women Are Reading”, an article about how to talk the talk concerning HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), a feature article by the pastor at our church about men in isolation, a story about following the Rockies postseason run (sadly ended tonight…), and…

    … an interview that I conducted with my friend Ken Jorgenson, who used to be a small groups pastor at New Life Church in Colorado Springs. He has some great stuff to say, so check it out here.

    Seriously, though: All of the writing involved is good – and if you like the way that I write, maybe you’ll like the way I interview…

    And if you like what you find, we’ll be trying to produce an issue a month for now, though the chief editor hopes to eventually go with bi-weekly content updates. I’m not going to be a big producer for the site, but I told him I would write little snippets here and there and do interviews every once in a while since I love talking to people.


    4 Responses to “Comanionship!”

    1. Mike-e says:

      Interesting. Note error in line 5 though…”some guys from my decided to” …good one.

    2. Daryl says:

      Thanks bra’. I’ve fixed it now.

    3. Daryl says:

      I guess I haven’t been spending much time on writing my last couple posts – banging them out as fast as possible so I can return to writing things like the 40 pages of papers I have to turn in during the next 8 days.

    4. Jon says:

      Nice blog. I also like the magazine. I shall endeavor to stop by as often as I can, which is not, I suppose, as often as I should.

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