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    30th January 2007

    Before January ends…

    …I should write one more little blog update.

    Open mic was outstanding. All the performers were good and I think the ensembles that I was a part of performed well – not perfect or certain, but I think we were entertaining at least. I wish I had gotten someone to video our little sets, but maybe next time, eh? The featured performer for the evening was Kate Hurley, who I knew from her singing on Enter the Worship Circle, Third Circle. She was really good and was also really friendly when I chatted with her for a few minutes afterwards. Nick and I also chatted with a local duo called True North, who had also played at the Wired Bean. Hopefully we’ll run into them again sometime.

    While Josh and Michael and I were playing I mentioned that we played for worship for this little revolutionary group, and then afterwards some students wanted to know where we met so they could check us out the next day. Of course, one of these girls was the sister of one of my middle school friends, Dave Otten, who was also in attendance with his parents (to see one of his sister’s friends play). It was interesting and fun catching up little with Dave and his family. (ED’s forever, Dave…)

    I love it when people come back into my life – even for a brief moment.

    Alright. I’m down at school, which means I should either use my time for studying or taking a nap – or maybe I’ll call some old friends…


    2 Responses to “Before January ends…”

    1. Den says:

      Hey, this is great. You do such a good job in everything that you attempt. I can remember working with you and you always had a smile and you were willing to engage in discussion.

      Glad to read your blog.

    2. Daryl says:

      Thanks Dennis, it’s nice to hear from you, good sir.

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