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    14th November 2007


    I hit that number on my car’s odometer this week. I (or someone else, usually with me in it) have driven my car 45,000 miles since April of 2005. That is a lot of miles. Thank you to everyone who donated money to the Daryl Holmlund Fund after I was in the car accident, which was 3 years ago this next week. I had never had my own car before that because I always ran or rode my bike places, but that little gray Honda Civic has really helped me to do all the things that I’ve been able to do during those 3 years.

    …And if you’re a praying person out there, pray for my right ear. It is the ear that I had surgery on 3 years ago because I knocked a bone out of place in that car accident; and though the surgery didn’t make it perfect, it did bring some improvement. This week it has really been bothering me; a little painful or a little stuffed up – and nothing sounds quite right. Thanks a ton, y’all.


    2 Responses to “45,000”

    1. Josh Leo says:

      I think your faithful readers deserve some pictures of this beautiful vehicle, maybe the speedometer too!

    2. Mike-e says:

      I stand in agreement of the above comment. Also, what is up with your ear dude? Just gettin a sinus cold or something neh?

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