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    19th December 2007

    Among other things: We’re playing in Loveland this Friday!

    So, if you happen to be in Loveland, and you happen to read my blog, you could come and see Sauni’s Big Jump play our last official performance of 2007 at Starbucks this Friday from 6-8pm (we’ll probably play until 8:20 or so if you come late and still want to hear us). And while you’re there you might be lucky enough to pick up a copy of our new CD, Anything Could Happen. We really don’t have very many copies right now, but we’re going to have A LOT printed soon, and then we’ll set up a way for folks to order the CD online – but for now the only way to get one is to see us in person…

    We’re playing at the same Starbucks as usual; on 287 between 37th and 29th and by Hobby Lobby. And if you haven’t given our myspace a listen yet, you should try it out. We’ve put up six whole songs, and you don’t have to be a myspace member to see our page and listen to the music.

    As a teaser, I’m going to post the lyrics to a pair of our songs:

    The Wondering One

    I don’t know if you got outside last night, but it was unbelievable
    All that snow reflecting the light of the moon reflecting the sun
    I don’t know if you still cry, I do but I always try to hide it
    Soon my tears will be done – I thought you were the one

    When the sun came up this morn, the whole world like when it was born
    I rejoiced at a moment I thought would never come
    But last night when the moon did shine, I remembered there would be a time
    When the greater light would appear and the darkness would run – I thought you were the one

    Oh – I wonder
    Oh – I wonder

    Now in the light of day I see why they used to say
    That you and me would never be
    But I’ll hold on much tighter than you ever thought I would hold on
    Then you will be the wondering one


    A child is born where does he come from?
    Could it be more than water and blood?
    A mystery a story left untold
    What could he be if he could grow old?
    And does it mean anything beyond
    What we find at the face value?
    Or is our sight the only thing that holds true?

    I know that this is the end
    When will I see you again?
    So many questions in my mind
    Like is there life after this life?
    Whether there is or whether there isn’t
    This will be our last goodbye
    So sweetly sleep and wait for the morning light



    6th December 2007

    Caffe Sole, Friday December 7, 7-9 pm

    If you’re in Boulder tomorrow (Friday) evening, you could head over to Caffe Sole, on the corner of Table Mesa and Broadway, where Sauni’s Big Jump will be playing music from 7-9pm. It will be fun, I guarantee it.

    Also, not like there isn’t a link right below this or anything, but you can listen to some of my band’s music at We’ll be putting some different songs up in the next few days, so check back to see if there is anything new.

    1st December 2007

    New Issue of Comanionship!

    Hey y’all, there is a new issue up for Commanionship – the e-zine that some men from my church are making to promote healthy Christian male relationships. The articles this month center around the theme of online gaming, and you can find it at I’ve written a pair of articles this go around: The first is an interview with a friend, Matt Trumbo; the second is a short article on the etymology of the word PWN, which is making its way from the world of online gaming into pop culture.

    There are also feature articles about the pros and cons of online gaming; a conversation between a number of Christian men about online gaming; a talk-the-talk article on rock climbing feature climbing definitions and advice; another monthly review or what women are reading (where one of our writers looks at content from popular magazines aimed at females); dating advice; book and product reviews; and an advice column.

    Bon appetit! (In a non-food sort of way…)

    Copyright 2005 by Daryl Holmlund - All rights reserved.