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    28th October 2007



    So, it’s entirely possible that you’ve never heard of this word before – especially seeing how as it is essentially a made up word to describe the companionship of males, especially in the context of Christian men’s fellowship. (I tried to search google and find out if anyone had ever intentionally used this spelling of this word for any real purpose, and after looking through about a hundred pages I was satisfied that it is almost exclusively used as a mispelling of ‘companionship’).

    Anyways, regardless of what this ‘word’ has been used to denote, it is also the title of an e-zine (a web based magazine of sorts) that some guys from my church decided to put together.

    You can find the first issue of Comanionship at . It features a humorous review of “What Women Are Reading”, an article about how to talk the talk concerning HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), a feature article by the pastor at our church about men in isolation, a story about following the Rockies postseason run (sadly ended tonight…), and…

    … an interview that I conducted with my friend Ken Jorgenson, who used to be a small groups pastor at New Life Church in Colorado Springs. He has some great stuff to say, so check it out here.

    Seriously, though: All of the writing involved is good – and if you like the way that I write, maybe you’ll like the way I interview…

    And if you like what you find, we’ll be trying to produce an issue a month for now, though the chief editor hopes to eventually go with bi-weekly content updates. I’m not going to be a big producer for the site, but I told him I would write little snippets here and there and do interviews every once in a while since I love talking to people.


    21st October 2007

    Sani’s Big Jump, the story…

    Ok, only one person asked about the story behind the name, which I’m a little disappointed about – but I’m going to tell you anyway:

    Elle Price, who plays violin with us, had a fish name Sani. Sani was a beyta fish. One weekend at the beginning of the school year, Elle came up from Boulder to climb Long’s Peak with her family and her church. She brought her fish up with her and left them in the smaller containers she had used to transport them in the car while they went hiking. Sadly, when Elle came back, Sani and jumped out of the container – she found him all dried up.

    A sad story, perhaps. Or is it an inspirational story? Did Sani know what he was getting into? Or maybe he didn’t, but he just want freedom so much that he didn’t care what it cost? Like Patrick Henry he said, “Give me liberty or give me death!”

    Don’t we all want out of the little fish bowls we swim around in day in and day out? But how many of us are willing to make the move that Sani did? Very few are – and very few will ever taste the exhilirating freedom that I know Sani felt when he realized he was out of the bowl and on his own. (Though many more would be able to relate to the fish-out-of-water feeling that surely immediately followed.)

    ***On a technical note, Sani is pronounced saw-nee. With the current spelling of s-a-n-i, it seems like people might pronounce Sani like it’s the first part of the word sanitation. Would it be better to spell it Saani or Sawni or Sauni?***


    13th October 2007

    Two upcoming shows!!!

    Hey y’all! The band has a couple of gigs next week, which is exciting since we haven’t played in a while. Wednesday, October 17th we’re slated to play at Coal Creek in Fort Collins from 6-8pm. Unfortunately, this gig will most likely only be me an Nick playing. Fortunately it should still be fun and we’ll still play some great music – and Coal Creek will still have great coffee, tea, and sandwiches!

    On Friday, October 19th we have another gig at Starbucks in Loveland from 6-8pm. Same Starbucks as usual, by Hobby Lobby on 287 north of 29th Street. The whole band should be there for that show – Nick, Jon, Elle, and me – all of us! And it will be awesome, so come one, come all – if you like coffee, or if you like music, or if you like us, or if you’re bored! It will be great!

    **If you need directions to either place, you can find them in previous posts – or leave me a comment and I’ll post the directions or email them to you or something**

    ****As a side note, we’re considering the name Sani’s Big Jump for the band right now. If you ask I’ll tell the story behind the name, but I’m interested in what initial reactions might before knowing the story… so whaddaya think?****


    8th October 2007

    The Rockies, School, Recording…

    The Rockies

    So, the Rockies lost the game that I was writing about below – but then they went on to win the next 2 against Arizona to make it to a tie-breaker against the San Diego Padres to get the Wild Card birth for the playoffs. They won the game against San Diego in the 13th inning. It was a ridiculous game – I listened to it on the radio (part of the time at my nephew’s 7th birthday party – Happy Birthday, Josiah!).

    During the 8th inning of that game with San Diego, with the final outcome still in doubt, I got online and bought tickets for Colorado’s first home playoff game, should they make it to the playoffs. The Rocks made it and played against the Philidelphia Phillies in a best 3 out of 5 game series. The first two games were at Philly – and the Rockies won them both! So by the time they made it back to CO, they only had to win 1 of the next 3 games to advance. Of course, for my own sake, I was hoping they would win the first game, since that was the game I had tickets for. My bro’ Eric came with and we sat in the upper deck in the cold and gusty winds… but it was worth it to see 50-something-thousand fans screaming and waving towels in the air when the Rockies won the game to secure their spot in the NLCS (National League Championship Series – which means the Rocks are only 4 wins from the World Series). As Eric said, “I’ve never been more proud to be part of a crowd.”


    There’s not much to say about this. I have to be in Denver for class in 8 and a half hours for my 8 o’clock class. It takes a little more than an hour and a half to get there in the morning, which means I won’t be sleeping much tonight. I’m about to hit the busy time of the school year when I’m supposed to have been working on papers for a couple of weeks but haven’t been so I’ll have to do it all in a week’s time. Pretty exciting.


    I keep telling people that we’re going to be done with our recording by the end of October… but this is entirely dependent on a few things: For one, I’ve been nursing this low level cold for almost 4 weeks – and it has my voice sounding fairly poor. If we’re going to make a recording, it seems like it would be better to be singing at my full potential. Also, we would love to have some guest vocalists on some of the tracks – the issue here is that it is hard to coordinate schedules between just me and Don (our sound engineer), let alone after adding other people into the equation.

    So if you’re praying persons out there, pray that this sickness would leave me (my pastor says that we always pray for God to heal major things or acute pain like headaches, but we just figure colds will go away…); pray that timing and coordination would work out for getting people into the studio (and patience – I always want things done when I want them done – God usually has different and better plans; and if it’s worth doing, it’s worth waiting for) – and that God would give us platforms to use our music for entertaining people and having opportunities to communicate hope and encouragement to people; pray that I would be able to keep track of my school assignments and focus on getting them done when I need to…

    …and pray that the Rockies make it to the World Series – ’cause if they do, there won’t be a baseball fan out there who can deny that miracles happen!

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