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    29th May 2007

    Happy life.

    Yeah, life is pretty decent for the most part. My only real complaint at the moment is that after coming back from the weekend I just had to delete 127 spam comments that people tried to leave on this site. Those folks should have read my last post and auditioned to get onto my Next Internet Millionaire so they could learn how to more effectively market on the net.

    Anyway, I went to Michigan for the weekend. I actually flew into Chicago and drove up to Grand Rapids with my friend Chris on Friday; we went to a wedding on Saturday; and drove back down to Chicago and flew out on Sunday evening. A bit of a whirl, but it was good – and it leads to my next point:

    Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Ryan and Sarah Schreiber. It was an awesome wedding and a good reception, well worth the hours of travel time.

    And now I’m back in CO, supposed to be working today – I started grading tests again like I did last summer – but the networks between Dover, New Hampshire – where they scan the test booklets in – and Longmont, Colorado – where we do the grading – were apparently jammed today and so they sent us home after a couple hours of work.

    Also right now, there is a huge thunderstorm outside my house – and I’m going to go watch it.

    17th May 2007

    You could be the next internet millionaire!!!

    Hey y’all,

    I’ve made notice of this several times already in the last couple of weeks, but now I’m going to encourage all of you out there to audition for the reality show that my brother Eric and his team is producing this summer. I think that a lot of people are scared off by it because it’s about internet marketing, and people don’t know anything about internet marketing and so they think to themselves, “What chance do I have of getting on this show, let alone winning?”

    Yes, the challenges in the show involve internet marketing skills – but they will be skills that all the competitors learn in a workshop first, and then put to use in the challenge.

    And the selection process doesn’t necessarily benefit people who have marketing or internet backgrounds. 50% of the selection score is acquired through online voting, so if you audition and have a ton of friends to vote for you, you stand a decent chance of getting on the show. Any person who reads about this on my site and does audition – and lets me know – I’ll guarantee that you’ll at least get a high score from my vote.

    Another concern might be the time it will take to be in the show if you audition. The filming is slated to only take 2 weeks this summer – so if you’re a college student (18 years or older) or a school teacher or have a job that you can skip out for a few weeks, you have no excuse. And even if you do have a job that might be hard to get out of, you might as well audition.

    And auditioning isn’t that hard. All you have to do is make a short video clip explaining or showing somehow why you should be on the show, then create an account and upload it at, and finally send the crew at the URL for your video. Just 3 (three) steps: Create it; post it; link it. That’s all. Provided you have a video camera and a decent internet connection, you could be done with your audition in less than an hour – probably only 30 minutes if you kept it simple.

    And if you get on the show, you will be one of 12 competing for a $25000 prize and a chance to work with Eric’s partner in business, internet millionaire Joel Comm.

    Additionally, if you get on the show you can hang out with me sometime while you’re out here! That’s a prize, right? But you don’t have to if you don’t want to, I’m just offering. I’m really hoping some cool folks audition and get selected for the show because I think that 1) it has a good chance of being fun for everyone involved; and 2) it has a very good chance of becoming an entertaining ‘net serial (that is, a internet “show” like a tv “show”).

    For more info see the Next Internet Millionaire site or check out the auditions posted on youtube – you can do better than these guys!!! Why not give it a try?!!!

    (I’ve now used my exclamation point allotment for the year).

    (Also, it’s possible to enter the main site without entering your email address – I think that one way to do it is to go up to the address bar in your web browser when you are at the NIM front page and erase the “free.htm” and then hit return, though there are other ways, too – my brother might not appreciate me telling this to people, but I think it is one thing that will scare more people away from his site than he realizes or wants to scare away…).

    Added material on a second edit: Even if you have no ambition to audition for the show, take a minute to go to the website and vote for the folks who are auditioning.

    If you are auditioning, I think you have until the end of the first week of June to get your video in – so get on it!


    15th May 2007

    And the heavens rejoiced!

    I’m glad that I put off writing on this site until today. I was planning on writing last week to celebrate the end of school and tell an amusing anecdote – but instead I get to say the words that everyone has been wanting to hear for two and a half months:

    Today I got my guitar back!

    It’s true. I sent an email to the DA on Friday, they got back to me yesterday with some questions, which I promptly answered… And today I went to Fort Collins and met the good detective at the pawn shop, and now my Martin is back in my possession. She has a few little scratches, and she’s definately a little dry, but it’s worth the character adding experience of having been stolen and returned. To celebrate I get to lead music at my church’s mid-week service (called Powersource) tomorrow night. Concerning this service, from

    Join us for a time of praise & worship, prayer, teaching and discussion about what’s happening at 3rd Day. EVERYBODY is welcome and is encouraged to participate in this powerful event. Child care through 5th grade is provided. There will be an opportunity to be baptized tonight. Contact Pastor Blake for details.

    Meets at New Hope Fellowship – 717 Whedbee Street, Ft. Collins (2 blocks south of Mulberry). For more info, call 4VICTORY.

    And besides getting the guitar back, I’m also done with school now. For my third and final final exam of last week I did receive my lowest post-high-school final exam grade, but I guess I’m not crying about it too much right now because I should still pass the class.

    Now I just need to find a summer job or figure out something else to do with my life. Suggestions?

    If I weren’t disqualified on account of relation I would audition for the reality show my brother Eric and his crew is creating this summer, TheNextInternetMillionaire. All you have to do is make a short video convincing them to pick you for the show – or convincing the web that you should be picked for the show (voting counts for 50% of the selection process). It seems like it could be pretty cool – the winner gets $25000 and the chance to work with Joel Comm, an established internet millionaire, on a future project – but I’ll make a more significant post about it later this week…


    4th May 2007

    I know you all are wondering…

    …about my guitar, and whether I have gotten it back or gotten a new one yet.

    Well, the guy who took it pawned it the next day and since I had filed a police report and called all the Fort Collins pawn shops, it was reported to the FC police. They had been working on it for a while before they contacted me. I identified some pictures of the guitar – and picked a guy out of a lineup who had seen me in a backroom on the night it was stolen, and who was in fact the one who had pawned it.

    Case closed, I thought. Now I’ll get my guitar back.

    That was about a month ago, now – and still no guitar!

    So what is going on with my guitar? That’s what I wanted to know, and so I called the detective assigned to the case and asked when I could get it back. He told me that it could be held as evidence until this guy is brought to trial – which could be a while – and while they could use pictures (which they already have) in it’s stead, it would be up to the District Attorney to release the guitar. He said he would call and request that they do so, but I almost wish he hadn’t. Given the family luck with the FC DA the guitar will probably either be given to the guy who stole it – or to Steven B. Ray!

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    2nd May 2007

    Sermon #2

    I preached my second sermon for my preaching class tonight, and I must say that it went much better than the first. I feel very much relieved having finished it – we only preach two sermons for the class – and now I get to look forward to taking exams next week. Ha.

    In the class we have to preach without notes, but we also have to write a manuscript and turn it in so that our preaching coach can see how much of our manuscript we hit. The sermon was on James 4:13-17, and maybe someday I will post insights from it here, but if any of you really want to read my manuscript, leave me a comment with your email address and I will send it to you! Sounds like a good deal to me, but I am a bit of a nerd.

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