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    3rd June 2006

    Why I came back to Colorado on Wednesday (and more!):

    I was at Calvin’s library trying to figure some stuff out on Tuesday afternoon, filling out some paperwork and calling doctor’s offices and whatnot, when I remembered that my mom had mentioned that I should check out a job that was in Loveland’s newspaper. It seemed pretty good, a job where I could make some money in only 6 weeks or so, so I called the place up and asked about it. The last day they were doing interviews was on Thursday. I asked what would happen if I showed up on Friday and they said they might still have something. So I went home (after having dinner with my cousins and Dr. Laura Smit) and packed my stuff up and left the next morning.

    Now I get to grade elementary and middle-school math assessments 8 hours a day for the next 6 weeks. It might be fun, but then again, it might not. Hopefully I still remember some math, even though its been a while since I really had to do any (as a Greek major we don’t really use much math except when we are trying to figure out how many lines to read for the next class period).

    I’ve written another post today, which is below this one. It is kind of personal and I’m still not sure that I want it on this website. Part of the reason that I think I’m going to put it up and leave it up is this discussion that went down at Calvin a month and a half ago. It was about administration looking at students personal web-pages and potentially finding incriminating evidence on it (an article about the discussion from the Calvin Chimes can be found here). Students were getting all upset about getting in trouble when they post drinking pictures or stories. Almost like when they realized that people had walked into their dorm room and seen their dirty laundry all over or something.

    Well, I want people to see my dirty laundry. I don’t want to have pieces of my life that are separate and secret from the rest. I wrote a song last year that said, “I want to live my life before you, hold my heart up to the light, I will stand out in the open until there’s nothing left to hide – Jesus you’re everything now: Turn me inside out…” And as much this can be uncomfortable, I will still pray this same thing: That I would have consistency of character so that I would be the same person from whatever angle you might look at me. So. Without further ado, here is…


    2 Responses to “Why I came back to Colorado on Wednesday (and more!):”

    1. Laura says:

      Oh boy, a job involving math. I’m studying for the GRE this summer, and so far the math portion has been unfortunate to say the least. In more exciting news, I went to a Bible study this morning at this new church I’m attending in St. Louis, and the leader talked about some of Luther’s works that we had to read last year in Prof. Wilcox’s class. Now why would anyone choose math over the humanities? 😉 I hope the job gets better, by the way. I’m on sabbatical this summer (and that means currently unemployed).

    2. Moshe Zimmermann says:

      Well after spending the last few week marking final exam papers as part of my punishmnet, I mean Post doc research work, I can safely say, anyone that willing goes for a job doing just that must really like punishment! haha!

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