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    28th October 2006

    What’s up with all the spam comments?

    Yeah, so everytime I go to check my comments lately (I moderate the comments before they actually get posted to the site, right?) there have been like 45 or 65 or 85 comments, the content of which are a bunch of shoddy URLs. Was there a program released recently that helps people do this? Or is there a spam filter for wordpress that I turned off somehow? Because even when I have gotten these sorts of comments in the past it has only been for a day or two and maybe only 20 or 30 or so – but 85 in one day? Come on folks! I’m not going to approve your comments if they don’t really pertain to this website or have some other intrinsic value. So spammers, please stay away – this website promotes wholesome content for the whole family (most of the time) and I just can’t approve of your comments.

    And I haven’t written anything in a while because I have been trying to write a paper or two for school, which I did, and now I have to write some more for school. Stay tuned for more of the exciting life of Daryl…


    12 Responses to “What’s up with all the spam comments?”

    1. mike says:

      Great info. Thx.

    2. Mike says:

      Great info. Thx!

    3. Miguel says:

      Your site, is very useful. Thx.

    4. Mikey says:

      Thx, your site is very informative.

    5. Daryl says:

      Okay Mikey – whoever you are – I checked out your IP address info, and it seems like you are using Comcast Cable internet provider and are somewhere in Loveland, Colorado… Fortunately for you your comments were appropriate for this post and contained no vulgar language or links to dirty sites, so I’ve approved them, reluctantly.

    6. Kimmy says:

      Haha! Your brother’s funny.

    7. Daryl says:

      Yeah, funny, but I did just delete 27 amazing spam comments. I’m not getting as many of the ones that look like the ones that Mike made anymore as much as they are just a paragraph full of crappy URLs.

    8. josh leo says:

      what spam filter are you using?
      akismet? if not, i can help you use it…

    9. Loren says:


    10. Daryl says:

      And most of the spam comments are coming from either Amsterdam, South America, or Southeast Asia. I understand the Dutch getting into this, but why must everybody?

    11. Carrie says:

      Hey why is my fiance advertising singles dates?

    12. eric says:

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