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    21st March 2006

    Welcome to Missouri!

    Dave and I were rocking along I-80 on Saturday, and we started listening to Angels and Demons on CD (we got it from David’s girlfriend, Katie Anderson – well actually from her parents – when we stayed at their house in Chicago on Friday night). We were engrossed in listening to the story and barely even noticed when we passed Des Moines. A while later, I saw from the mile markers that we were almost in Nebraska – and then I forgot about it because I got caught up in the narrative again. Fifteen minutes later, David exclaims, “Welcome to Missouri!” and I thought, “That’s funny, he must mean Nebraska…” but then I looked around and though, “Darn it.”

    So we cut across some rural highways and didn’t lose more than an hour or two, and the drive in the middle of nowhere was certainly beautiful.

    Now we are in Colorado and I’m working on making a resume and its snowing outside so Dave can’t even really go and enjoy the mountains in the way that he would be doing otherwise. Grand Rapids is supposed to be sunny this week. Life is interesting.

    We’re listening to Memories (Memoirs?) of a Geisha on the way back, so I wonder where will we end up next time? I’m hoping for Mexico – got my fingers crossed and everything.


    2 Responses to “Welcome to Missouri!”

    1. Kimmy says:

      Hey I went through Missouri to get to my spring break destination. Good times.

    2. Laura says:

      I once road a bus all the way from Detroit to Omaha, Nebraska. It was maybe the most boring thing I’ve ever done. Actually that’s not true, though, because I went with a group of 40 African Americans from a inner-city Detroit church; we spent a week in Nebraska working on the Omaha Native American reservation a couple of summers ago. And that was maybe one of the coolest things I’ve ever done.

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