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    10th April 2006

    This is going to be short…

    …because it is absolutely amazing outside and I don’t want to stay in here. There have been many things happening in the last week, but my brother was moving information from his sites so I wasn’t supposed to post for a few days.

    We have water again. It was only out for 2 days. We were, however, without electrity for about 2 hours on Friday night. This wasn’t bad except that I was intending to do homework on Friday night and study for an exam which I took today. I think I did well on it anyways, so I’m glad that the power was out.

    All I have left to do this year is write a short paper and a moderate length paper and take some final exams. In my hardest Greek class we finished reading Aristophanes’ Frogs about a week ago, so now we’re reading the book of Revelations, which is easier that Aristophanes by a lot. So now that there really isn’t that much intense work ahead of me until the end of the school year, something is beginning to slip into my psyche, and its called senioritis.

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    1. Kimmy says:

      Thanks for letting Gail and I borrow a candel so we could see in the dark on Friday!

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