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    7th August 2006

    The story of the weekend before Desperation…

    Chris Wiesehan, a friend from Calvin who graduated a year before I, and who has been working for General Electric as an engineer, and who is currently one of the most eligible bachelors in the country, was running some races at the “Corporate Nationals” track meet in Golden, so Dave Rubush and I went down to hang out with him.

    Back in the 80’s and early 90’s during the big business growth years and the dot-com boom, companies liked spending money to do things that sort-of promoted themselves and were sort-of cool for the employees, and one of those things was this track meet. All the events are relays that are kind of crazy but kind of cool, and usually have a combination of distances and male and female competitors, and sometimes some different age-ed competitors or certain age-ed competitors – all in the same relay. Back in it’s heyday, the corporate national track meet had a lot of companies involved, but now there are maybe 12 or 13 and not as many frills and gimmicks to the games.

    After the first day ended on Saturday, Chris and Dave and I had a little time to kill before we were going to go to Boulder to get some dinner with his teamates. We went to take the tour at the Coors Brewery and left David’s van at the track because we figured we would be going back that way on the way to Boulder. The tour was interesting and kind of fun, and then we went to Chris’ hotel to find that the people had already left, so we started driving back to Boulder via the track so that we might get the van.

    The track parking lot had been locked with David’s van within (and my handcycle within the van itself) and so we went on to Boulder and wandered around Pearl Street until we ran into the GE runners (no play on words was intended there…) we ate some food and then tried to figure out how Dave and I could get back to Loveland and Chris could get back to Golden. Finally, it occurred to us that Dave and I could take Chris’ rental vehicle and Chris could get a ride to his hotel with his teamates – and then we could go back down to the meet the next day and exchange vehicles.

    And so that is what we did, and then after the end of the track meet on Sunday, we went to Golden and I handcycled and David ran along this nice bikepath that goes down to Wheat Ridge – and it was all that a good summer’ weekend adventure should be, complete with slushy drinks that we got from BK on the way home.

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