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    18th August 2006

    The giant gummy bear: (still no pictures)…

    I know I said I would write about this on Monday and it is now Friday, but here it is:

    Last weekend I spent a lot of time with my little brother and some friends making a giant gummy bear.

    And I mean a lot of time.

    And I mean a giant gummy bear.

    The idea was birthed down at the Desperation Conference when we had a bag of gummy bears that we left in the car in the middle of the day. The bears turned into a liquid that conformed to the shape of its bag, and when it cooled off it was a blob of delicious gumminess (there are two accepted spellings of gummy/gummi, and I’m not sure which is best…). Immediately I wanted to know it it would be possible to make a much larger mass of gummy using a similar method.

    Then two weekends ago I was hanging out with a couple of friends, notable Kristen Andersen and Megan Baker when we decided to have a bit of a social gathering the next weekend. What kind of gathering? Connie A. says, “Its my birthday next Sunday and I’ve always wanted to have a Great Gatsby party!” What does that mean? 20’s music and flapper skirts or something, but I can think of only one thing and it has nothing to do with The Great Gatsby. Giant Gummies.

    “I’ll make some Giant Gummies for the party,” I announced, to which everyone gave questioning looks and then moved on to other details of party planning.

    So the following Friday – one week ago today – I began my experiment. The first attempt was just buying a 5 lb bag of gummy worms and melting them down in a plastic bowl in the microwave and then letting them cool in that bowl. It took a while to remove the gummy slab from the bowl but I could tell that there was potential for more.

    Michael and I then went online and looked to see if other people had made giant gummy creations. We found this guy who has taken an animal crackers container in the shape of a bear and had filled it with melted gummy bears to make a 13 lb gummy and this site: Naturally we figured that we could do that.

    Two days and 8 or 10 hours of work later, the giant bear was sitting in a place of prominence at our little social gathering. The bear that we made looked pretty similar to the one on the webpage above except that we only made 3 stripes – two red with green in the middle – and then we made him a bright red hat by filling a bowl with melted gummy and putting it on him so that his head wouldn’t be so flat.

    The hardest part was probably finding the animal crackers container. No, I take that back. The hardest part was getting it out of the container. If you ever try this, remember to cut your mold in half first and then duct tape it together so you just have to cut the tape to get it out – and then I would also suggest using some non-stick cooking spray or something of the sort because the stuff is pretty darned sticky while you are trying to get it out of the container. After it is out and dries off a bit, it isn’t as sticky, but at first…

    I think that a few shout-outs are in order here: Thanks to Drew Jones and Adam Engles for working diligently in the pooring phase and especially for finding the bear container. And thanks to Nick Temple who believed in the project from the first – and also for being the best and taking bites out of it at the party. Chris Trumbo did a nice job of chilling at my house whilst we were working on it, and of course Michael, though irritated by the project at time, was a great help at every stage.

    Needless to say, I won’t be desiring to eat many gummies for a while while my Michael has quickly recovered and is looking forward conquering more gummy creations in the future – possibly as a professional gummy-eater in Japan.

    Why buy the world’s largest retail gummi bear – 7 lbs and found here – when you can make one thats twice as big for half as much?


    6 Responses to “The giant gummy bear: (still no pictures)…”

    1. Loren says:

      You should take better care of your gummies. I see that mold is taking over the creation. And I had wanted to eat some oh so bad.

      P.S. If you would link my blog your relatives might not have to post on your asking what I look like.

    2. Daryl says:

      Yeah, I should take care of my gummies better. It really was getting quite disgusting. Michael and his friends put it on another guys window sill last night. Not sure I approve, but I’m glad we don’t have it anymore. Unfortunately I have this feeling that it might reappear somewhere sometime…

      Let it be known that Loren V’s site is now linked to mine over on the sidebar!

    3. Loren says:

      Um, I can see moldy gummy pranks quickly getting out of hand! Awesomely disgusting.

    4. Daryl says:

      And sacrelicious…

    5. Mike says:

      I don’t know if it goes that far…

    6. Kimmy says:

      Wow!! That is crazy! Sounds like fun.

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