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    23rd March 2006

    Someone hacked my site.

    I don’t know exactly how they did it or why, but as you can see there are a bunch of these little shoddy links everywhere that go to crappy sites – and I am infuriated! I’m not sure how to fix it because they don’t show up in the website software, which means it might be a program that was attached to my site that does it to all the words or something like that.

    Here in Colorado, Dave and I have been having a enjoying ourselves, except that it has been snowing almost the whole time we’ve been here. Yesterday we went up to Estes Park and today we’re going to head up towards Winter Park.

    I’ve been working on putting together a resume the last couple of days. Mostly I was using the computers at the public library, which meant that every hour or so I would get kicked off the computer and have to sign up for another one. And since I was there working on it for long periods of time, it also meant that there was a steady stream of interesting people who would sit next to me and play games or check their e-mail or do some other internet-sort-or-thing. It is nice to have your own computer (I fried my laptop two months ago by spilling chocolate milk all over it) and even the computer labs at Calvin are pretty quiet – but I suppose it was a fun change for me.

    During this time, Dave has also been quite productive (I do hate that word, but I think it works here). He filled out a number of applications for jobs, two of which have produced phone interviews to be done next week; he also applied for the graduate program at Colorado State (Dave is a chemistry guy – especially organic chemistry) and then they contacted him and arranged for him to visit, which he is doing right now!

    This spring break isn’t exactly a break for me, but its been different and interesting, and thats good.

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