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    6th October 2006

    Resisting the urge…

    Each time an article about cousin Dave is in the FC news there are a bunch of comments on their online website – besides several libertarian pro-gun-rights sites which have picked up the story. I have been wanting to respond to the comments very much, but know that this isn’t a good thing to do right now. Instead I will give the link to the Coloradoan forum from yesterday’s article, and then the reply which I wanted to submit – which of course contains no details pertaining to case – right here:

    Here in the United States we are for the most part consumed by fear, assuming that people are out there to hurt us. White folks are afraid to walk in neighborhoods which are predominantly black or Hispanic even though there are almost always more registered sex offenders in white middle class areas. We allow the exceptional people that we hear and read about in the news to govern how we expect people to act instead of giving people the benefit of the doubt and expecting the best.

    Now I have a friend whose mom says that nothing good ever happens after 10 o’clock, and though she is joking she might be right most of the time. However, there are a smattering of legitimate reasons why people might be out walking after midnight; and even if the reasons are not legit, it does not mean that their reason is backed by malicious intent against some person or property.

    This makes me think of all the times that I would cut through yards on my way home from a friend’s house late at night. It might have been a bad idea, but if someone would have confronted me I probably wouldn’t have known what to do, would have frozen in my tracks or just tried to continue on my way. I once thought a guy I ran by late at night had a gun and it was all I could do to run by with my heart in my throat hoping he wouldn’t say anything to me.

    Shooting someone in peacetime is a selfish act; it places your well-bing and property above any other considerations. And shooting someone in the back as they flee an act of extreme cowardice – even if you think they might come back. (On a side note: The Religious Right are often some of the big backers of gun-rights, but a Christian who is willing to shoot another person in a situation of this sort is putting their own this-worldly safety above that other person’s eternal salvation – though I understand that people don’t always think straight in the heat of the moment). I’m not in a position to judge what true justice would require in this situation, but for goodness’ sake, PUT YOUR DAMN GUN AWAY, STEVEN B. RAY!


    2 Responses to “Resisting the urge…”

    1. josh leo says:

      wow you are right, this a fairly one sided article and the response form people is rediculous. a mix of bad reporting and just stupid people. They act like Dave is this drunk madman who beats his wife and then assaults people in their homes.. i am pretty sure that is not the way the story went but you would never know it fromt he article.. lame all the way around

    2. Makeesha says:

      Very well put Daryl. I admire your restraint, I’m not sure I could be so disciplined were I in your shoes. I esp. like your comment made to Christian gun owners.

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