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    23rd January 2006


    I’m feeling much better so hopefully the antibiotics took care of the sinus infection or whatever it was, but now there is something else that I have to deal with: I actually have to do the schoolwork that was assigned to me to complete by the end of interim. I have been working furiously day and night for 4 or 5 days now – or at least I have been consistently working. Yesterday I had trouble getting started after church because the Broncos had a playoff game. And then I had trouble getting started because I was so irritated by the result of that playoff game. I haven’t followed football for years, but for some reason I really wanted to see the Broncos in the Super Bowl. At least the Seahawks got my Uncle Mike back to the big game (Uncle Mike is Mike Holmgren, and though he’s not actually my uncle, (1) we really are related in some small way that I can never remember; (2) my dad grew up in the same San Francisco church as he did; (3) his mother and my grandmother used to be in the same retirement center; (4) his family has a cabin at the same camp that my family used to have a cabin at; and (5) my cousin Lisa was the youth pastor at his church in Seattle and at some point got a bunch of his old furniture…)

    I have been enjoying very much being at home, but I’m ready to get back to school. (Its funny that I never think that I will be ready to go back to school, but I’m more than ready). I’m probably heading back across the country on Wednesday. My brother Michael is coming with and then flying back on Sunday. This weekend is also the Worship Symposium at Calvin, so maybe we can catch some crazy symposium stuff or something.

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