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    21st December 2006

    out in the snow

    Yeah, so I’m pretty much going to be stuck at the house for a while. I went out and tried shovelling for a while. I had cleared about 20 square feet worth of driveway (20 sq.ft. really isn’t as much as it sounds like…) when my mom came out and started shovelling – and quickly outstripped my pace. At risk of embarrassment at the hands of my mom (there were like, a lot of people out shovelling and playing!) and quickly realizing the futility of my efforts, I changed activities.

    We had some of our old cross country ski poles out because Michael had been contemplating using them last night (as I mentioned) and so I took a pair and used them for stability in a foray out to the street and around the yard. The deep snow gave me a bit of extra stability for the walking and it was actually kind of fun as long as I didn’t allow myself to think of the futility of my efforts. If I had kept up the pace I was going, I probably could have made it to see some friends in two or three hours time.

    I’m not sure whether this was fortunate or unfortunate, but after about 15 minutes of hiking around – and before I was able to think of going someplace distant – my legs began to tire and hold me up less well. I only fell a couple of times, but by the time I made it back to the garage, it was clear that the legs needed a break. But I will go out and work them out again later.

    And even though my mom has shovelled most of the driveway, our cars probably won’t make it down the street until it has been driven on my a good number of other cars – or maybe if the city decides to send a plow down our way (we think they are only plowing through streets in our neighborhood). In the meantime, I’m here – I reckon I would only make it about 4 feet out there in my wheelchair. Thus and therefore, perhaps I will keep a running update on my day here on this website. Don’t bet on it, but I just might.

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