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    26th March 2006

    On the way back and what happened before…

    David and I stopped and stayed the night in the Baseball Capitol or Nebraska last night. Wakefield is also notable for having chicken farms with millions and millions of chickens. We were there because I wanted to see the Simpson clan. Jason Simpson came to Craig with a T12 spinal cord injury a month an a half after I had arrived there.

    We stayed with Jason and his wife Ellie (Elle?) in their rental apartment. Jason showed us the house that he’s building on the family farm and then the whole family came over and we ate an amazing dinner (hamballs – their like meatballs but made with ham…). Besides working on building the house, Jason has been out doing all the farmwork again – which I think is pretty much amazing. This guy keeps destroying his seat cushion because he’s welding from his wheelchair and getting screws and nails stuck in it and whatnot.

    The whole Simpson family – Jason and Elle (Ellie?), Greg and Denise, Jen – were always the most intense people in the hospital whenever it was “Gameday” in wheelchair class. Wakefield was a bit out of the way for coming back to GR, but it was well worth the stay. I’m convinced at least to head back for a visit sometime after the new house is done.

    Back to Thursday: We went up to Winter Park and had dinner with my dad and his wife, Carla. It was really really good, and it was fun to stay overnight at Snow Mountain Ranch. On Friday, Dave and I went to Devil’s Thumb Ranch to do some cross-country skiing. I had arranged to go out with a guy named Jim O’Connor to get my first taste of sit-skiing, and so I convinced David that he needed to learn how to skate-ski. It was an absolutely beautiful day – sunny and in the 30’s – and we were both fast learners. At first I was going faster that Dave just using my arms, but pretty quickly he got the hang of skating and we went out and found some hills… And I need some stronger arms I think!

    We both had fun and were good and tired before driving back to Loveland so we could sleep and drive to Wakefield so we could sleep and drive to Grand Rapids. So much driving that I almost feel like I just want to get up and go to class tomorrow. But right now I just want to go to sleep.

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