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    13th March 2006

    Not enough sleep and running out of words…

    I have had enough things to do during the last couple of days and will also have enough things to do in the next couple of days. The weekend was good, but now I’m tired and I have a lot of stuff to do this week. Next week is the so-called Spring Break, which everyone usually looks forward to, but this year I’m not so sure. I think over this “break” from classes I need to fill out some applications and start have some actual thoughts about what I’m going to do next year. There will also be schoolwork for me to complete during the “break”.

    But back to the weekend: We had a bit of a social gathering on Saturday night. It wasn’t huge, mostly track kids and a few other friends of theirs or ours. We decided to have a “back-to-middle-school” theme, which is kind of funny because middle school was a rather unhappy experience a lot of the time. But that age is also a really awkward age, which can be kind of fun, so we tried to bring back the old feelings by playing only music from pre-year 2000, playing games like pogs and “Girltalk” – which is essentially truth or dare with a scoring system, and having a spelling bee – a very special spelling bee which expecially brought out the middle school awkwardness. It was a challenge to create a word list that would keep people a little uncomfortable and get some laughs without crossing the line into vulgarity, but in the end the 2006 Sex-Ed Spelling Bee happened without a hitch except in that there was no winner because we ran out of words.

    There were glow-in-the-dark bracelets, fruitsnacks, and I even tried to pass a “checkbox note” (rather unsuccessfully I must note). The cops didn’t come and bust us down this time, which was good, though it is kind of funny to and fun to write about such events on this website.

    Pretty much everyone was gone around 2am and I went to go to bed, while Tyler and Dave and Jesse and Kim Webster went to play cards upstairs. I absolutely could not fall asleep. I looked at the clock, it was 3:30. I turned my light on and read for a bit and then turned it out and tried to sleep again. I looked at the clock and it was 4:15. I read for a few more minutes and then turned off the light and finally fell asleep.

    Sunday night I played guitar at the LOFT service and then had to finish writing a paper, so again I was up way too late and awake way too early so I could do some other preparations for class.

    Last week I talked to a lot of people. On any given day I talk to a number of people, but for some reason I think that last week I just ended up telling a lot of stories to different people because they asked about stuff. Right now I don’t really feel like talking anymore, which is too bad because there are a few things that I’ve been hoping to have time to write about for this site. I guess those things will have to wait until the Spring “Break”…

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    One Response to “Not enough sleep and running out of words…”

    1. josh leo says:

      Middle School Party!? Im jealous… I also need more sleep.

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