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    25th August 2006

    New Student Orientation…

    …was what I was sleeping through this morning. I had to come down to Denver Sem and take a Greek test yesterday morning because they said I couldn’t take it today after orientation. The test took me 40 minutes. Most of it was a scan-tron test – I hadn’t taken a multiple choice test since my 3rd semester at Calvin, I think.

    At orientation they told us what to expect from school, which was not much. Or at least not that much different from any school. And they told us how to use their computer systems and internet resources, which I had already figured out. There was supposed to be a professor talking about the importance of critical thinking for Christians, but he is out of the country at the present, so we watched a video of his talk from last year. Pretty sweet.

    The sky is cloudy and gray today, and I almost hope it rains because I’m supposed to go to a Rockies game tonight (the Rockies are the so-called professional baseball team that plays in Denver – even living in Colorado they are so rarely the subject of discussion that if I were to hear someone talking about them I would do a double take and not be exactly sure what they were talking about for a few seconds). It’s not so much that I don’t want to go tonight as much as it is that I’m quite tired at the moment.

    And so it goes, and so it goes; and you’re the only one who knows…

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