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    28th August 2006

    My cousin Dave

    Please pray for my cousin Dave Ebner and his wife Jesse and the rest of his family. Dave took a bullet to the trunk last night as he was walking home from a party – he and Jesse live in Fort Collins. I don’t want to speculate or make an inaccurate report, so I’ll give only a few details: The shot probably went from back to front and passed all the way through. The police found him about 20 minutes after the shot and he was just clinging to life still. He went into surgery and they ended up removing a portion of the lower lobe of his right lung. He is now in stable condition in the hospital, where he has had friends and family around (I visited this morning and plan to go back again this afternoon/evening). His parents are flying out from Connecticut today, where they had just returned after hanging around out here for a week.

    I’ll put some updates in the comments for this post


    8 Responses to “My cousin Dave”

    1. Daryl says:

      Dave contniues to do well, though he is still in critical hours of healing. Here is an article that was put up on Denver’s Channel 7 news site a few hours ago. The police didn’t intend for Dave to be labeled as a prowler – but journalists will do what they will:

    2. Makeesha says:

      Wow, how horrible, we will definitely be praying.

    3. David Fisher says:

      Praying. Keep me posted buddy.

    4. Daryl says:

      I went up to the hospital again this evening and Dave was seemed to be doing much better. He was responding to questions (when needed) and seemed encouraged when a large group of friends came to visit. Continue to pray for his family – especially his wife Jesse.

    5. Scot Stockwell says:

      I’m sending lots of prayer, Daryl. I hope everything is getting better. Take care and keep in touch.

    6. Makeesha says:

      that sounds like a positive report, will keep praying

    7. Daryl says:

      Dave was off the respirator on Tuesday afternoon. He’s supposed to move from intensive care to a lower level care unit today. He is doing very well – doesn’t remember much, which is fine. Thank you so much for the prayers.

      Wow. Scot Stockwell. Hey man, I’ve been meaning to write about all the people that I worked with at Measured Progress for a while, but I kind of had a crazy month. Will do soon.

      I’m down at Denver Seminary on my third day of class, trying to change a class, which can be quite frustrating.

    8. Mark says:

      Hey Guys,
      The Thompson’s are praying for you back in Connecticut…Wally and Nancy.. You are in our Prayers.


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