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    30th April 2006

    Music in my ears!

    My second year at Calvin I was in the men’s choir and we were ok, but not that good. This semester they changed the rehearsal time to Thursday evenings and opened it up so that faculty or staff or spouses could be in it as well as students. I was interested to see how it would be being in a choir again, and I must say it has been an enjoyable experience – albeit a bit awkward at times.

    All this to say we sang at Woodlawn CRC this morning and we have our end of the year concert with the Lyric Singers (a women’s chorus) this Tuesday eveningtime.

    The other thing about music in my ears was brought on because when Donald Miller spoke at Calvin a week ago Ken Hefner asked him to tell us some of the music he’s been listening to lately because in the “Thank-you’s” page of Millers book Blue Like Jazz he lists some music that he listened to while writing. So I just thought that I should let all you all know some of the stuff that I’ve been listening to lately:

    some of Shane and Shane’s old stuff (thanks Katie!) – there’s some amazing guitar playing going on there

    the Curious George soundtrack with Jack Johnson and friends (thanks Carrie!) – also good guitar and chilling songs

    Caedmon’s Call Share the Weal (again thanks Carrie!) – songs inspired by India will make you want to go there or send your money there or something

    Hillsong United To the Ends of the Earth, Look to You, and United We Stand(oh, wait, I mean that I would be listening to them but they are all out on loan to people or just simply MIA) – some of the best church music out there if you like to rock out, and they’re all recorded live!

    NickleCreek Why Should the Fire Die? – but it could be any of their albums since they’re all good

    AP Borodin Symphony No 2 – the 3rd movement drives me nuts its so good

    Reuben Morgan World Through Your Eyes – I discovered track 11 before spring break and it is really quite sweet

    The Postal Service – mellow electronic music that makes for really good atmosphere whether you are driving or hanging out or whatever

    I’m always interested in other sweet music – there is so much sweet music out there that I almost can’t handle thinking about it. I saw this concert a few weeks ago on PBS that was for malaria awareness in Africa. The concert was in Senegal and it apparently featured some of Africa’s biggest pop stars. It was amazing. I would love getting into some more other-culture type music – for a while I was listening to more Latin-American music like Juanes, but not recently.

    Woah, that was way more than I meant to write.

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