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    13th November 2006

    Looking out the window…

    Sometimes here in Colorado when I look out the window as the sunlight is fading, and the air is still; and I realize that I can see things a long ways away – like all the way across Denver from the Seminary library, or the various features of Long’s Peak, but especially the intricate details of the trees in people’s yards several blocks or several miles away. There are so many leaves on every tree, and now that all the leaves are going I can see that there are so many branches on those same trees. And there is nothing that I can do but be thankful for life and for contact lenses and wish that I was somewhere out there on the side of a mountain or hanging out with some good people in someone’s yard – anywhere but in here on my computer, where my vision is being corrupted every moment I stare into my monitor; and where I waste hours of my day sometimes on the internet reading about stuff that will never really change my life and watching a few of the millions of videos on youtube that I never knew existed until my brother Eric told me that it was the site of the future.

    This week I had a small revelation of grace in my life (this makes two posts in a row with spiritual content – which means it’s time for me to have some adventures and get in trouble…). In contemplating the amount of physical healing that I have experienced since spinal cord injury and the amount of function I had gained, I realized that I had gained just enough function to make it through each of the situations I have been placed in thus far. I was wondering what commuting to school in Denver would be like during the winter and realized that a year ago I wouldn’t have been able to do what I’m doing for commuting right now. When I stay at my aunt and uncle’s each week , there are a few steps to get into the house. Because I have the ability to stand and balance against the wall or the door I can pull my wheelchair and all of my stuff up those steps with me. Last fall I would not have been able to do that at all. I guess if God wants me to be at school in Denver this winter, he will provide grace for that, too.

    The other small revelation of grace came at the Loveland High School Fellowship of Christian Athletes retreat on Saturday. I had the wonderful opportunity to hang out for the afternoon, do a little teaching, and play guitar for some worship time. Honestly, I am sure that I enjoyed being up there more than any of the student-athletes enjoyed or benefited from my teaching, but I’m ok with that. I was going to talk about 1 Thessalonians 4:13-5:11 and felt like about half of what I wanted to get to was prepared; but there was a part of it that was lacking something and I didn’t have time to really wait on the Lord for as much undestanding as I wanted to. So I prayed throughout the morning that God would teach me something new about the passage even he taught all the students something new about it also.

    And he did teach me something new. As I was talking I better understood how the passages fit together than I had while I was preparing. Because I finally understood that as I was doing this thing, I’m not sure I communicated it very well – but I did get to communicate it to some people from church yesterday.

    Now the light has faded and it is dark outside, and I know that I have to get back to the study of Ephesians 5:5-14 that I’m supposed to turn in tomorrow, but I really wanted to share a little bit of light (the kind that paints the clouds in Colorado as the sun sets) and a little bit of revelation (the kind that builds my “faith muscle”) with whoever might be reading this little website these days…


    5 Responses to “Looking out the window…”

    1. mikey says:

      Nice, yeah what you spoke on and how you presented it was really actually quite good, and it tied in well with our small groups later. Also, maybe you should find some good people to come hang out in our yard. Hmm…maybe we should find a lot of good people and just let them come and hang out in our yard and house, yeah I think it is party time.

    2. Daryl says:

      I did like that there was some overlap between what I talked about and what Gary Glover talked about. I also liked how after I ran out of things to say everybody just wanted to know about Aron Ralston.

    3. Don Holmlund says:

      We read every entry in your blog or whatever you call it, and are thrilled at every entry to see how and what you are doing. All we can say is that you shared a lot of that Colorado light and your own revelation with us. We are looking forward to seeing you two months from today. Love, Don and Shirley

    4. Kate says:

      so, here I am reading your website. just thought I’d let you know that I’m still your friend and I’m thankful to get to read some of your thoughts (online of course, not like I’m reading your thoughts as you are thinking them like I was telepathic or something)every once in a while. I hope you have your best Thanksgiving ever this Thursday. peace.

    5. Daryl says:

      Yeah, I’m thankful for friends this Thanksgiving, and I guess it will be two years ago tomorrow that this site became necessary (though its birth wasn’t until a few days after that). The other week I said something about some little movie that I watched at your parents (that is, Kate’s parents’) house and your mom said, “I knew you were going to say that.” And then she said that maybe I was developing some of the same skills that the Andersen clan have for reading knowing what eachother is thinking and communicating without using real words.

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