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    13th February 2006

    Late Happy Birthday and Early Happy Valentine’s Day…

    My brother Michael turned 17 on Saturday. I did get him a birthday present (if you don’t know why I would mention this, look down a few posts to January 16…), and gave him a ring-a-ling. Mike is becoming one of the best Holmlunds ever – not only is he the tallest in my immediate family, but he’s also probably the smartest in terms of book-smarts, and potentially the best dancer in the family – though I think Carrie and Melissa might give him a run for his money (both my sister and sister-in-law teach at a dance studio). This last year I’ve seen Michael grow more and more into his own unique person, growing in aspirations, inspirations, and motivations. I think he’s about to have a breakout swim season and then this summer he’s going to Guatamala on a missions trip (I’m not sure how those are realated other than that they exude my brother’s sweetness in my mind). Happy birf’day brof’er!

    The Friday Night Thing (see post directly below) was fairly amazing. We worshiped for several hours and then people prayed for many hours, and now I’m pretty tired. We (the band) played for about four hours, and by the end I was starting to worry that I would get carpal tunnel syndrome. Luckily I was feeling better by Saturday so I could play at the closing service for a conference on International Development that Calvin hosted over the weekend. That was also a very enjoyable experience – particularly because it forced me to learn a great new song called “God of Justice” by Tim Hughes.You can listen to it here.

    Finally to all you lovers out there, Happy Valentine’s Day!
    To Tyler Z and Jenny Z, Carrie H and Loren V, Dave R and Katie A, Jesse K and Sara Lee, Brett W and Dendra, Aaron Iverson and Mother Nature, and Bill and whatever lucky girl he finds: Have a magical and romantic day celebrating the fantastical love that you share.
    And for me, between the Olympics, homework, and doing my taxes (a Valentine’s day tradition from high school), I think I’ve got a pretty full day planned for myself…

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    One Response to “Late Happy Birthday and Early Happy Valentine’s Day…”

    1. mike says:

      Hmm…indeed thanks bro’. Um so i decided to give jenna a valentine, and i decided to go off from the idea of using cards with the last line being “the cards are in your hand”. They were pretty spectacular, and in addition she also recieved a copy of Reuben Morgan’s album (by the way i finally mailed those CD’s for you, and your paper that i accidently took back to CO with me) so I was feeling like i was sitting in a pretty good spot. Anyway, she worte me a letter back in response that was exciting and slightly dissapointing. I guess we have decided that “dating” isn’t really something we are going to do right now, but she did re-affirm that she does like me and would like to “date” in the future(whatever that means).

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