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    14th October 2006

    I’m so bad at school right now!

    I have been an awful student thus far this year. I really don’t do much studying above what I have to do to stay afloat right now. Maybe I’m tired of school at the moment – or maybe it is just hard to be doing school the way that I’m doing it. Or maybe I just want to play music and ride my handcycle and hang out with people – and nothing else (at least for a while). Unfortunately, to do that I would have to 1) Be an amazing musician and getting paid a lot of money to play; 2) Be an amazing handcyclist and get paid to do that; 3) Be a bum and live off of Social Security and my mom for an extended period of time (I’m already sort of doing this, but I’m on track and wanting to stop doing this ASAP); 4) Win some sort lottery; or 5) Marry someone with a very good job or a very fat inheritance. Most of these sound pretty good, but I definately don’t have the guts for any of them right now.

    Which means I need to get back to my homework…

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