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    20th April 2006

    I’m 21!

    Yesterday – by the grace of God – I turned 21.

    By the grace of God, I have never had more alcohol than the little thimble at communion the few times I’ve been in churches that have real wine.

    By the grace of God, I have never smoked a cigarette, a cigar, or a joint – never used illegal drugs of any sort (though I did take a lot of morphine after the old car accident).

    By the grace of God, I’m still a virgin (or wait is that a punishment?).

    I’m graduating from college in 4 weeks and I’m still a Christian. There have been some serious moments of wavering over the last couple years, but I actually believe now more than ever that this world and everyone in it is in serious need of experiencing the love and life of Jesus.

    I’m proud of these things. Not because I think that they make me better than other people, but because I know that they are a testament to God’s work in my life and because I’m ok with who I am.

    I know the post from yesterday said that I celebrated by going to class and working on a paper, but yesterday really was awesome. I went to class, and I love my classes. We read Greek and it was awesome. In Greek 304 Ben brought cookies for my birthday and Professor Bratt brought some brownies from the dining hall. The weather was beautiful and I got to hang out in the sun for a while. I went to LOFT rehearsal and got to make music with talented musicians. It was great. Maybe not as great as two years ago when I spent my birthday watching the Boston Marathon, but it was still pretty great.

    And speaking of the Boston Marathon, congratulations to my housemate David Rubush who finished the course in 2 hours 58 minutes 58 seconds on Monday. He’d been injured the couple weeks leading up to the run so he was mostly just going for the finish, but that’s not a bad time, either. Also congratulations to Joel Alberts and Josh Vander Wiele who were both around 2 hours 46 minutes. Thats awesome.

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    One Response to “I’m 21!”

    1. Holmlund in Sweden says:

      > By the grace of God, I am still a virgin.

      No, Daryl. Men are not virgins, not ever. Only women are virgins. For your sake, I hope that you in your liftime will have sex. All your relatives from way back in history have had sex. Lots of sex.
      Beeing 21 and never had sex, is embarrasing. Get yourself a boy or girl-friend !

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