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    2nd March 2006

    I worked on Greek for 7 hours yesterday…

    You might think I need a bit more excitement in my life, and I wish that I had something exciting to write everytime I post anything on this site – just so you all think that I’m really cool because I do really cool things; but in all honesty I kind of like days when I don’t really do anything “exciting” and instead simply 1) go to class and read Greek, then 2) go to the library and read Greek, and finally 3) I go home and read Greek. Having a day like this might lead you into the optical illusion that I am getting to be a proficient reader of Greek. OK, thats not an optical illusion at all, but it is an illusion – and optical illusions are so cool! Which leads me to a radical statement: I’ve thought of something else that would be cool to have a tattoo of (last fall sometime I think I put on here the first thing that I ever thought that I really would tattoo on myself). I can’t claim full credit of this idea as it came in a round about way talking with friends, but I do think that it would be amazing to have one of those “magic eye” pictures tattooed on yourself. I really don’t think that I would ever have this done, but maybe…

    What else has been happening in my life? I ate out with Chris Wiesehan and his parents last Saturday and then on Sunday we went over to Tyler’s parents’ house wherein Mr. Zwagerman had prepared ribs for us.

    That’s it really. This week has been really good, but there hasn’t been anything terribly worth putting on the internet. If anybody else out there thinks of something for me to do with my life, I have been appreciating over and over again the three suggestions I’ve thus far received, and thus wouldn’t mind any further suggestions.

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