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    1st February 2006

    I am a bad…

    …blogger. Not only do I do it poorly, but I should think that I can judge my work morally as well. Here I’ve left all the people that check my site – which is mostly my family, whom I never call – I’ve left them in suspense because the last thing I wrote was that I would be driving across the country and trying to finish my papers. For all anybody out there knows, I might have never made it to Grand Rapids, or – heaven forbid! – might not have finished my papers.

    Well, be assured that Michael and I did get to Grand Rapids safely. The drive was long and uneventful except for a few moments. Early in the trip, just into Nebraska, Mike was sleeping and so was I. AND THEN I WOKE UP AND REALIZED THAT I SHOULDN’T RUN INTO THE CAR IN FRONT OF ME! It wasn’t really as bad as that, but it can get difficult to pay attention in the middle of nowhere with the sun right in front of you and you didn’t sleep nearly enough the night before…

    The next interesting development came while Mike was driving. I had been trying to read and type some article summaries when I noticed some funny stuff going on with my arms. There were several lumps, slightly red, but they weren’t itchy or painful and didn’t look like bites. As we went across the country, the lumps became more and bigger, and I found that they were on my stomach and legs as well. By the time we got to Michigan, I was thinking of stopping at a hospital before going to the Madison house. I decided not to and just hoped I would wake up in the morning. I did, but the lumps were not any better – actually a bit worse. I took some benadryl and told myself that if it didn’t get any better I would go to a doctor. Then I told myself that it was getting better, and maybe it was a little. By the next day it was getting better and the day after that it was gone. I’m not sure exactly what caused it, but I had been taking amoxicylin for the sinus infection, and the day the perscription ended was when the lumps started to go away – so I think there might have been a connection.

    Michael hung out in Grand Rapids for a couple of days before flying back on Sunday. I hope he wasn’t too dissappointed with the college life this time of year. The unfortunate part was that since Calvin didn’t have any classes while he was out here he didn’t get to check out any classes. He probably didn’t really mind and I don’t think that he would ever think of coming here for school anyway.

    Now I’ve started classes again. I have three Greek language classes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and the class sizes are very small (6,8, and 4) which means that I will have to actually prepare translation for each and every class period. I will either be fairly good at Greek by the time I graduate, or I will have a BA in Greek and never want to see it again. Speaking of which, I have to go to my third Greek class of the day in a few minutes.

    And if you’re wondering why I didn’t assure those of you who might have been wondering about the completion of my papers…

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