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    16th March 2006

    I almost forgot!

    The greatest part of last Saturday, or at least another great part, was watching the Michigan high school competitive cheerleading state championships. Tyler’s sister Abby (I hope thats how she spells it) is on the squad at Holland Christian and so we went over to the Delta Plex (a goofy looking venue in Grand Rapids) and watched them take 3rd in Division 2. I probably wouldn’t go watch a cheer meet if I didn’t know someone in it, but it was pretty darned cool. All these little high school girls screaming so loud you think that they’re going to explode, and then they do a bunch of back-tucks and throw eachother and whatnot…

    I think that I’m driving to Colorado with my housemate David Rubush over the spring break next week.

    And this week has been good but busy. So busy that I need to go now. Perhaps I will update this thing from the Centennial State in a few days.

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    One Response to “I almost forgot!”

    1. Abbey says:

      my dad just told me to read this .. i didn’t know you had a website .. well i did but i never knew what it was!! i dunno if you’ll get this comment .. cuz it’s on a later post .. but i’ll try .. i’m glad you had fun at the state cheer meet!! i was happy to see you and tyler come!! i was so used to just having my parents come and watch me .. it gives me a little bit more motivation when i see new faces coming to watch us .. especially if they’re there specifically to see me! 🙂 anyways — i hope everything is going okay for ya over at Calvin! i just got back from my spring break – i went to cancun 🙂 🙂 it was a lot of fun!! but .. you gotta let me know when you guys are gonna have another dance party — cuz i am coming this time for sure .. but ya gotta let me know in time so i can ask off from work!! hope to talk to you soon! have a good Easter!!


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