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    12th December 2006

    Half of one down, four and a half to go!

    It’s finals week here at Denver Seminary, and that means that I get to take exams! Hip hip hooray!

    I think I should have started studying for them before Sunday, but what’s past is past and now there’s not much I can do about that other than try to make up for it by studying hard right now.

    I went to see my niece and nephew in their Christmas pageant at Resurrection Fellowship on Sunday night, and it was wonderful. Emmy did a great job keeping up with the songs that they were singing, and Josiah was undoubtedly the most energetic singer on the stage that night – besides doing a fabulous job on the solo he sang (if I recall correctly, it was to begin the song “Go Light Your World” – but it might be that I heard that song somewhere else recently).

    This is all that I can afford to write for now. I actually pay someone else to write for this blog, and he charges by the word, you know… Wait, that’s not true. I just have to get ready for another test.


    3 Responses to “Half of one down, four and a half to go!”

    1. mike says:

      You know if you paid me by the word I would consider writing for you…

    2. Daryl says:

      I tried to think of some witty response here, but could not. And then I found $20. Oh wait, no I didn’t. But if I did, I would use it to pay you to write a few thousand words for me.

    3. mike says:

      Please…that would only get you about 1700 words.

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