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    23rd August 2006

    Good times with the family and the first Sunday Revolution

    I am in the midst of some business. I’m actually quite stressed. I don’t get stressed like this very often, but enough things have added up right now…

    Life isn’t all stress, though. I have enjoyed the few moments I’ve been able to spend with extended family out here in Colorado right now. Last week my cousins Dave and Elizabeth and their son Zack were out from GR and so they came up with my Aunt Becky and cousin Linnaea (spelling?). I was going to go down and see them in Denver last Sunday, but I was way too tired to drive down by myself (see the first three sentences of this post).

    This week my grandmother is out here with my Aunt Nancy and Uncle Wally along with their unmarried children (my cousins) Ellen and Karen. Nancy and Wally’s other two children – Dave and Laura – now live in Fort Collins with their spouses, Jesse and Drew, and we had dinner last night with all of them, Eric and Meliss and the kids, Carrie and Loren, and Micah Stover. I love my family.

    This next Sunday is the kick off day for the new college-aged-focused service at my church (Third Day Victory Church). The group is called Revolution (and I should add the Revolution blog to my links, as well as 3DVC’s webpage…). We’re meeting at 11:05 am at the Fort Collins Hilton, on Prospect on the north-east side of campus. I guess I’m helping put together music stuff for the group, so get ready for lots of the Backstreet Boys during our worship time…

    There is a girl that I went to high school with that I remet a week and a half ago and have gotten to hang out with a few times since then. Her name is Kellie, and she fake-complained that I didn’t mention her when I wrote about the giant gummy bear, so hopefully she will read this post and see that now she is quite famous. I mean, come on, just getting mentioned on this site means that you are famous, right? (I’m not really that delusional about how many people read this…)


    6 Responses to “Good times with the family and the first Sunday Revolution”

    1. David Fisher says:

      Dude, the gummy bear is gross. ha-ha.
      And the Backstreet Boys rule! ha-ha.

      On a serious note, I’m continually impressed by your insight, wisdom, and all around Darylness. 🙂
      You’re a blessing.

    2. Kellie says:

      Thanks.. You just made my day! You really are the sweetest!

    3. Daryl says:

      I think life is probably worth living as long as I can make people’s days every once ‘n’ a while and have my name be turned into an adjective-turned-substantive, stat-of-being-noun (as typified by words with the ending “ness” – e.g. my little brother always amazes me with his sweetness/enormousness/whiteness/etc.)

    4. Mike says:


    5. Makeesha says:

      are you suggesting that adding -ness to the end of a name is not a valid descriptor? 😉 I am also impressed by your all around darylness…which says alot cuz I’m not easily impressed. Can we add you to the revolution blogroll?

    6. Kimmy says:

      I got mentioned once, I must be famous too! Hope your doing well!

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