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    23rd November 2006

    Congratulations, Happy Thanksgiving, and Remembering Two Years Ago

    Frist and foremost: Congratulations to Ryan Schreiber whose marriage proposal was accepted by one of my best friends ever, Miss Sarah Steen. You’ve got a good one Mr. Schreiber. And congratulations also to Sarah Steen who is recently engaged to Mr. Ryan Schreiber. Sarah, clearly I don’t know Ryan as well as you, but I think that he is one of the most humble and genuinely concerned and caring people I have ever spent time around – and I can tell that you make eachother very happy. This is a very good thing.

    Secondly, Happy Thanksgiving to all out there who celebrate such holidays. I hope you found some turkey somewhere and were able to enjoy time with family and/or friends. I hope that you are able to be thankful on some level for what it is that you have.

    And Finally, yesterday – Wednesday – marked two years since I was in a car accident that nearly killed me and left me changed forever. I didn’t even think of it until my sister reminded me yesterday evening. It’s funny because I missed the whole dramatic even back then while my family was having the hardest part of it watching me struggling to survive. So I feel a little funny about this anniversary date, but perhaps my family feels it even more so.

    I’m glad I’m still alive and I hope that with what’s left of my life I am able to help make and see some significant changes for those around the world who are suffering unduly or injustly, who are living in poverty of one kind or another, and who live with pain from the many physical and non-physical ailments that can cripple people. Sounds like a lot to do, but maybe all of you guys out there can help me.

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    One Response to “Congratulations, Happy Thanksgiving, and Remembering Two Years Ago”

    1. Mikey says:

      Grats to the newly engaged.

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