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    16th February 2006


    I’m sick again. I’ve been telling people that I’m suffering the due penalty of my sins, so perhaps its time for a little confession:

    Last week and weekend I was pretty busy getting ready for that Friday night thing and the other thing on Saturday. On Sunday I went to church and then had lunch with Tyler and Jesse. After hanging out for a while, I found it to be nearly impossible to actually start my homework. I tried to take a nap, but it didn’t work. Finally, I started doing a little Greek – but then everyone from my house was downstairs doing stuff (my room is right outside the “entertainment room” of sorts). So I ended up staying up a bit late and getting up early to get ready for class.

    Now, I would say that for me to feel adequately prepared for my three Greek classes these days, I need to put in about two and a half hours for our 300 level class, an hour and a half to two hours for the 200 level class in classical Greek, and 30 minutes at least for the New Testament class. Altogether, I figure I need to put in about before class days, which are Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

    So on Monday I was minimumally prepared for class and starting to feel a little sick. When I got home at the end of the day, I was tired so I sat around for a while and then talked to my mom on the phone. I was planning on getting some extra sleep, so a little after ten I’m thinking that I’m going to get ready to go to bed. I go out of my room and Tyler and Jesse are out there and they’re like, Hey, we never made Valentine’s cards like we said we would.

    This is where I comitted my first great error of the week. I said, Hey, lets do it right now!

    And so instead of going to bed I began to rustle up a whole bunch of supplies to make Valentines. We got out some National Geographics and some old advertisements and cereal boxes and started cutting and taping and drawing. Tyler and Jesse retired around midnight, but by this time I’m not really tired anymore, so I’m up for another 45 minutes working on them. I agree to bring them to the fieldhouse the next day before track practice to give to Tyler and Jesse so to hand out to people.

    Tuesday and Thursday mornings are when I usually do most of my homework because I don’t have class, so even though I stayed up too late, I still get up pretty early to do some work. I was quite sick Tuesday morning and regretting staying up too late, but I still get this idea in my head that we should have some more cards to give people because everyone who gets left out will be sad. So I spend an hour more working on cards before bringing them to the fieldhouse. I just get really obsessed about doing certain things well sometimes.

    In any case, the cards are well received, but then it was time to help Tyler with the Valentine surprise that he had been planning for his girlfriend Jenny. Tyler wanted to fill up Jenny’s dormroom with balloons and then be waiting for her when she came back from practice. So Tyler and Jesse had run early and we met up with Jenny’s roomates and Chris Hoff, another guy who lives with us, and started blowing up the 1500 or so balloons that Tyler had purchased. An hour an a half later we had blown up all the balloons and Jesse, Chris, and I went home to eat dinner. It was 6:30 and I had a guitar lesson to teach at 7:30.

    The lesson goes well, but I’m starting to realize that I might be in trouble. I haven’t really done more than an hour of schoolwork all day, and I remembered that I was supposed to turn in a short paper the next day for my art history class. I hadn’t even thought about this paper yet, but it was worth 1/6th of the classes’ grade.

    But I was also supposed to be at a small group that I’m usually part of on Tuesday nights that meets at 9:15.

    And I hadn’t prepared for my 300 level Greek class at all.

    So… I…

    …skipped the small group, explaining that I’m not feeling well – which I wasn’t – and went to the library to see what I can find to write with. I checked out a couple books and started looking through them, but before I knew it, its midnight and the library had to close. I went home and read a bit more before going to sleep.

    The next morning I got up early and make it to the library just as its opening. I worked on the paper until 10:30 when I had to go to class and take a quiz. Not being done with the paper, I skipped my 11:30 class to finish it. I made it to my art class 7 minutes late and turned in the worst piece of writing that I have created during my time at Calvin, and then skipped my 300 level Greek class to go home and sleep, again explaining that I wasn’t feeling well – and I wasn’t – without mentioning that I also hadn’t prepared a single iota for class.

    Now I’m quite sick and far behind in class and all I have to show for it is an IOU from Tyler.

    Forgive me Father, I have sinned…

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