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    29th December 2006

    Colorado Blizzard, Take Two

    So. Apparently we have had a bit of another blizzard here in the greatest state of the Union. Last night certainly wasn’t anything close to the amount of snow that we had in the last blizzard, but it was wet and heavy and probably 8 or 10 inches worth – and areas in the foothills got 20 inches or more! Additionally, they say that the storm is supposed to pick up again tonight and give us a few more inches. Hooray!

    I’m feeling better about the snow this time around, honestly. I’ve got some books to read and some guitar to play and we have food to eat and a warm house… Life really isn’t so bad, is it?


    3 Responses to “Colorado Blizzard, Take Two”

    1. Matt says:

      Life isn’t so bad? Clearly you didn’t have to drive across the state during both of these blizzards.

    2. Kimmy says:

      Happy New Year!

    3. Steve Rohlwing says:

      I was able to coach you in Track for a couple years at Loveland. Oh, what a talent! My family and I (4 kids now) have been living in Littleton for the last 6 years and happen to attend Centennial Covenant Church. It took a while before the connection of the Holmlunds (your aunt and uncle) finally hit me across the head. Anyway, I was able to talk with your Aunt Becky and heard your story. I am sorry for the pain you have had to endure, but I am so touched by your faith and strength. God Bless.

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