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    6th February 2006


    I’m now in the second week of classes for my last semester as a student at Calvin College. I think its going well enough. On Wednesday, last week, the school had a “Regathering” service to kick of the new semester. It’s kind of funny that a lot of professors are sort of anti-“regathering” because it screws up the class schedule for a day. I myself kind of like having screwed up class schedules. It mixes things up a little. Like in elementary school when we would have a special assembly at the end of the day and so all of our classes were 10 minutes shorter – it gives you something to look forward to.

    In any case, this guy spoke at the regathering. Gary Haugen. He’s a lawyer with International Justice Mission and he gave to us a wonderful message that I’m sure he has given to many other groups. IJN works helping disadvantaged people with legal battles in developing countries. The stories he told were of freeing children who had been sold into bonded slavery or forced prostitution in India; of freeing a man in Kenya who had been thrown in jail for no real reason; and of Jesus’ disciples giving up, overwhelmed by the task of feeding 5000 people, while a little boy gave what he had and Jesus turned his sack lunch into a miracle. These stories are related to a topic that I’ve been wanting to address on this website, but not today – maybe next time I write.

    In the meantime, congratulations to Peter and Anne Hoekman! Peter lived at 120 Madison last semester, but won’t be living with us anymore because he and Anne were married on Saturday in Holland, Michigan. It was a good wedding (good in the most meaninful sense of the word – as in the Genesis 1, “and he saw that it was good” sense) and I wish them the greatest of blessings. They both graduated a semester early so they could hang out a bit before Peter starts medical school at Michigan State in the fall.

    It is very cold in Grand Rapids again, so I guess global warming isn’t working as well as I was hoping, but I that’s probably better for the polar ice caps anyway…

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