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    7th August 2006

    Another moment from Desperation…

    There was this time that Mike and I saw Jared Anderson, one of the guys in the Desperation Band and also one of Eric’s roomates at ORU, and he saw me and said hello and all that… And then he looked at Mike and was like, “Hi, I’m Jared, I don’t think we’ve met…”

    And Mike says, “Uhh, hey, I’m Mike…”

    And Jared does this double take of semi-recognition as he realizes that this anorexic Sasquatch is actually Mike Holmlund, who was 13 and considerably shorter (though possibly heavier… j/k…) the last time he would have seen him.

    And Jared says something to the effect of, “Wow, I’m not sure we’ve actually met,” or maybe it was, “I don’t remember meeting you,” or something, to which Michael was thinking – though not actually saying –“Come on! I’ve only stayed with you twice!” Once in Jared’s room or apartment back in Tulsa and once when we stayed at Jared’s parents before I did a triathlon at the Air Force Academy – which was actually the first night of the first Desperation Conference ever, and which Mike and I accidentally attended because we were going to stay at Jared’s parents’ house.

    Also in this brief encounter came my embarrassing moment of the conference – Mike would later say, “You got owned!” – though what really happened was just a little miscommunication.

    Jared was talking about how he had seen Eric at the Christian Bookauthors Association conference a couple weeks ago, and about how he could do anything he wanted to, and how he was this internet genius. But then the topic changed for a few minutes. And then he slurred, “Do you have a cell phone number?”

    And I was like, “Yeah, sure…” Why would he want to know that? So I gave it to him and he says, “So I can reach Eric at this?” and I realize that what he had actually said was, “Do you have his cell phone number?”

    And I’m like, “Oh, sorry, that’s my number… here I’ll get you his numbers…” And Jared is like, “Well, alright, I’ll just store this number real quick, too…” and it took him a second to hit delete and then I gave him Eric’s digits and he was like, “Alright we’re about to play, so I better get back stage…” because it really was only about 10 or 15 minutes before the evening session was going to start.

    (I did get owned…)

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    One Response to “Another moment from Desperation…”

    1. Mike says:

      Owned…although i suppose i had my own serving of that as both Jared and Glenn had the double take effect when they saw me.

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