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    4th December 2006

    An amazing find!

    So, I stumbled across an amazing webpage a few minutes ago, and it’s name is… IZZLE NATION!

    Yeah that’s right, it’s the site that Jesse “The Body” Kleinjizzle made during the spring of his junior year. I was talking on the telephone with that man last night, getting the lowdown on what he’s doing after he finishes his Spanish class in two weeks. The answer is, working at a shoe store in GR, but hopefully not for too much longer because the man from Chino hates the Michigan winter. And who can blame him?

    Here’s the link:

    I must say that I was so excited by this that I not only perused through every page on the site, I also saved every page to my hard drive so that if at some point in the future angelfire scraps the site due to inactivity there will still be a copy of it in existence. I love you all my Izzle family, wherever you all might be…

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