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    13th August 2006

    A whole lot of nothing…

    That is what I have been doing for the most part for the last two weeks, but that is all going to change. Maybe. Tomorrow I’ll post a rather interesting story. I need to find out how to get pictures on this site, because that would enhance this story significantly. The story is in progress but I need to know how it ends before I say anything else. Tomorrow.

    But for the last couple weeks I have been recovering from the crash and wasting my life away. I’m doing some ghost-writing for my brother Eric. Lest you think this is exciting, know that the writing I am doing is the same sort of stuff that he also outsources to India. (Now don’t you go thinking that E is a bad person for his hiring practices – none of you want to do this job, as I myself have been finding out…) I guess it isn’t that bad – but it does make me wish I was back grading tests.

    I was actually hoping to get back to Grand Rapids for a few weeks to do therapy at Mary Free Bed Hospital, but things sort of fell through, and instead I’ve been here… trying to get myself to do some ghostwriting… not having my handcycle for use (I left it in Colorado Springs for repairs)… staying up late doing nothing… sleeping too late and then feeling tired… and doing more nothing…

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    One Response to “A whole lot of nothing…”

    1. Loren says:

      I would imagine we will be there. I may even wear nothing but a grass skirt to impress the extended future in-laws.

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