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    2nd March 2006

    A shout out…

    …to my three real friends who gave me suggestions for what to do with my life. I love you guys.

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    One Response to “A shout out…”

    1. Laura McGiness says:

      Okay, Daryl, I think you should become a professional blogger, because I have lots fun reading your posts (and obviously your life’s calling should be something that make me happy, right?). 😉 Seriously, though, if you can find anything related to leading worship, I think you’ve got major gifts in this area. Also, what about church planting? I don’t know if you’re interested in this, but as someone who has a little experience in this area, I think it’s a cool thing that you’d be well-prepared to handle. Anyway, that’s just about all the wisdom I have right now… peace to you.

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