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    22nd February 2006

    A long distance happy birthday!

    Today is my cousin Elizabeth’s birthday, though where she is in Germany it is already tomorrow. I called and said hello to her and her husband David (who is my actual blood relative) this afternoon. Dave and I started at Calvin the same year, though he as a PhD student at the seminary and I as an undergraduate. Dave and Elizabeth have been my family away from home while I’ve been at Calvin. Elizabeth has at times been a bit motherly to me – in a good way: feeding me from time to time and making sure that I’m taking care of myself. She has to be one of the best cooks that I know; she likes to cook and I like to eat, so it was always a good partnership we had. Besidesthis, Dave and Elizabeth give me sage advice that I accept more easily partly because they aren’t my actual parents but more because they are my friends. Without them here in GR I wouldn’t have had anyone to discuss the bizarre little things about the Calvin College and Dutch Reformed culture that we were immersed in, or to complain to about the ridiculous Michigan winters.

    Elizabeth, it turns out, is also the most avid reader of this website. She tells me that I need to post 3-4 times a day so that there will be new content every time she checks it. While David is researching at a Library in Emden, Germany, she has been watching out for their 2 month old son Zechariah. Check out Elizabeth’s blog at

    In other news, no one has told me what to do with my life yet, so I might not do anything. Ever. Including posting on this website. So somebody should at least tell me to keep doing that. Or if you think I should stop, tell me that. But be nice about it, or it might make me cry.

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