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    9th July 2006

    A letter to the internet…

    Dear Internet,

    Or should I call you The World Wide Web? It’s a little bit awkward writing to you, but I think you’ll understand. See, my older brother Eric makes his living by means of yourself, and lately he’s been working very, very hard on a project. I’m not exactly sure of all the details – I’ve never really understood most of the stuff that he does – but I get the general feeling that he somehow makes money appear from out of nowhere. And I get the feeling that he’s really, really good at it. (You can check out what he’s up to at

    Each time he starts a new projecthe vows to work it out differently so he doesn’t spend as much time on it, but then after a while he’s working more than he wants to and has to make a change. His current project was supposed to be more or less done on the 5th but he has had some issues that he needed to work out. My little bro’ Mike and I have missed seeing him around at such family gatherings as the 4th of July at the Stovers’ and dinner with the Verville family.

    I know that you’re really big and really busy, but I would really appreciate it if you would help Old Man Eric out – maybe help him to get some time outside the house – or if its not too much to ask, just help him to make a couple million dollars really fast so he doesn’t have to work for money anymore and can just do things that are really good and that he really likes doing. He’s a great guy and he’s done some cool things for you, starting up an online prayer community called and becoming one of the many with at blog that he never updates ( – besides being the original creator of this little website.

    Internet, you might not realize it, but I know that even you are groaning as you await your redemption. One day every little bit of you will be redeemed and what is not good – that is what is not truly at all – will perish. But for now it’s good to see any part of you which exhibits goodness in some sense, and Eric is a person who is working to make sure that the parts of you that he affects have goodness.

    On a personal note, I have a small favor to ask of you: I keep getting these “spam” comments on this website – people or programs that write little things like, “Great information on this site. Tnx,” or “Love this site. Keep up the good work.”

    If you wouldn’t mind stopping those pesky guys from getting into my comments queue I would really appreciate it. Oh, and if you could “direct” some traffic my way – you know, people who might enjoy my site. Well alright, thanks for taking the time to read this little note.


    PS. I really did use the word “really” too many times in this message, didn’t I?


    5 Responses to “A letter to the internet…”

    1. josh leo says:

      I really hope the Internet responds and follows through on some of your requests!

    2. Eric says:

      Hey bro- I miss you guys too! I think old man internet will give me a break soon…

    3. Daryl says:

      “I really hope the Internet responds”

      Yeah, me too, but for now I continue to get spam. Good gravy Josh Leo commented on my site. For all who haven’t already checked it out already Josh has his own amazing site.

      Also amazing that my brother found time to read my website. The ice must be thawing already.

    4. Lisa says:

      Yeah, I second the whole “he hasn’t updated his own blog” line. Internet, help Eric update his blog site…maybe with pictures of his family and pregnant and beautiful wife… and maybe a picture of his soon to be brother in law and his favorite sister… And give him time off to see me in August when I come home.

    5. Mike says:

      “Good gravy”…What kind of exclamatory remark is that bro’. You could have at least said something like Gee willikers.

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