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    10th September 2006

    A brief update

    My cousin Dave is doing well. His recovery has been remarkable – healing well must be a family thing (getting hurt might also be a family thing). Revolution, the new group that I have been playing guitar for at my church, has been pretty sweet. The other folks who have been playing music have been outstanding – and I know that those who will play in the future will also be. So a quick shout out to Carrot (also known as Michael B), Josh, and Case – they’ve been unreal. And another shout out to Doug for helping with some sound stuff. And another shout out to Shane, Stephanie, and Katie, who will be singing in the future, to Julie, who was banging a djembe today and who will hopefully sing up with us sometime – as well as her man James, who is a phenom on the keys. And while I’m at it, I’ll shout out to Nick and Ericka for being stellar leaders, David and Makeesha and their kids for being generally sweet, and Sarah Mac for being a real lover of Jesus. And to Michaeha (sic, is that the right spelling?) for bringing a bunch of people the first week. If any of you all are around Fort Collins, we’re meeting in the Hilton on Prospect at 11:10 am on Sundays. Stop by.

    EDITOR’S NOTE: The shoutouts mentioned above are not actually out loud and audible shoutouts, but merely a figure of speech by which I simply mean that all of the above mentioned people are super sweet.


    3 Responses to “A brief update”

    1. Makeesha says:

      well said brother. I don’t think once can achieve more greatness than “generally sweet”. Katie and her sister Jill brought all the freshman the first week. 🙂

    2. Makeesha says:

      Praise God for his healing power in your cousin’s body.

    3. Loren says:

      I figured an update would refer to IAT2. Ha.

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