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    29th December 2006

    Colorado Blizzard, Take Two

    So. Apparently we have had a bit of another blizzard here in the greatest state of the Union. Last night certainly wasn’t anything close to the amount of snow that we had in the last blizzard, but it was wet and heavy and probably 8 or 10 inches worth – and areas in the foothills got 20 inches or more! Additionally, they say that the storm is supposed to pick up again tonight and give us a few more inches. Hooray!

    I’m feeling better about the snow this time around, honestly. I’ve got some books to read and some guitar to play and we have food to eat and a warm house… Life really isn’t so bad, is it?


    25th December 2006

    Merry Christmas!

    And here’s to a happy new year!

    21st December 2006

    One final update

    Alright, the final update for today – after which I will quit posting all the time and hopefully will be able to get out of my house and not be on the internet all day:

    My friend E-Love trekked over to the homestead and chilled for a while, eating many of the many Christmas cookies that my mom made today (she mad Spritz cookies and peanut-butter-chocolate-kiss cookies, and lemon poppyseed muffins today… man, we should have more blizzards so my mom can’t go to work). Now I’m going to read and go to sleep.

    Thanks for reading all about my day!

    Actually, maybe I’ll steal a line from my brother’s site:

    As always, you can leave your comments here in the blog.

    Have a great day!

    Another update on today

    I played some guitar for a while and then did some pushups with the little brother. Carrie and Loren came by with the Osgood brothers and Alysha V and did some more shovelling of our driveway. Apparently they have been going around shovelling driveways for friends and helping out stranded motorists. Sounds pretty good to me.

    Foray #2

    Mike came home and was doing a little shovelling, and so I went out and kept him company by making another trip around the yard. He said that as he made his way back from his friend’s house he came across and helped out a number of stuck cars. Don’t try to drive your sports cars out there today, folks! There have been some trucks and jeeps getting up and down our street, however.

    Josiah Holmlund

    Ok, check out by brother’s page for a cute picture of my nephew and the snow:

    out in the snow

    Yeah, so I’m pretty much going to be stuck at the house for a while. I went out and tried shovelling for a while. I had cleared about 20 square feet worth of driveway (20 sq.ft. really isn’t as much as it sounds like…) when my mom came out and started shovelling – and quickly outstripped my pace. At risk of embarrassment at the hands of my mom (there were like, a lot of people out shovelling and playing!) and quickly realizing the futility of my efforts, I changed activities.

    We had some of our old cross country ski poles out because Michael had been contemplating using them last night (as I mentioned) and so I took a pair and used them for stability in a foray out to the street and around the yard. The deep snow gave me a bit of extra stability for the walking and it was actually kind of fun as long as I didn’t allow myself to think of the futility of my efforts. If I had kept up the pace I was going, I probably could have made it to see some friends in two or three hours time.

    I’m not sure whether this was fortunate or unfortunate, but after about 15 minutes of hiking around – and before I was able to think of going someplace distant – my legs began to tire and hold me up less well. I only fell a couple of times, but by the time I made it back to the garage, it was clear that the legs needed a break. But I will go out and work them out again later.

    And even though my mom has shovelled most of the driveway, our cars probably won’t make it down the street until it has been driven on my a good number of other cars – or maybe if the city decides to send a plow down our way (we think they are only plowing through streets in our neighborhood). In the meantime, I’m here – I reckon I would only make it about 4 feet out there in my wheelchair. Thus and therefore, perhaps I will keep a running update on my day here on this website. Don’t bet on it, but I just might.


    I’m feeling better already. I’m looking at the three and four foot drifts in front of my house and scheming how I can get out there and get around – and make my mom good and worried about me! (Not that I like my mom worrying about me – I’m stinking 21 years old and should be off somewhere beyond the realm of my mother’s immediate worries. Alas, living at home is a very inexpensive option…)


    20th December 2006

    A good wedding, a good trip, and a blizzard

    First off, congratulations are in order for Dave Schroeder and Kate Brower, now the Mrs. Dave Schroeder! I was privileged to be present as they began their life as husband and wife. It was a lovely wedding – and a really fun reception!

    It was also really sweet to be in GR and hang out with the college friends for a couple of days.

    Normally I would be really excited to have the time to be writing right now. I just finished a semester; I got to go on a sweet trip and hang out with friends; and life is generally pretty good for me – I’m thankful for my family and many friends…

    And maybe it is the foot and a half of snow blowing around outside that is dampening my spirits; or maybe it is the additionaly foot they say will fall tonight that is weighing on my shoulders – but I’m not really feeling like doing anything at all. Playing my guitar, yes, but when I feel this way I strum sad and aching tunes that really only add to the ache.

    The snow is especially causing some heart yearning as I see my brother tromping off to a friends house, all bundled up. He tried to use my old cross country skis, but the boots and poles were just to small for him. Going out in this kind of weather is something I loved to do, but getting through snow drifts in a wheelchair sounds damned near impossible.

    The honeymoon with paraplegia might be ending for me. Get ready for some bitterness, folks, because I fear it might start building now.

    I trust I’ll feel better in the morning – but that seems a long ways away and I’m not sure that I won’t do something stupid in the meantime.

    You could probably read that sentence again and apply it metaphorically to a much longer span of time and it would explain a lot of how I’m feeling about the whole living post-car-accident/spinal-cord-injury thing.

    An amending note: I have already heard from someone who was worried about me a mere two hours after posting this little note, especially concerning the end of the second to last sentence, about doing something stupid. Rest assured, readers, that I’m not in great danger of doing something stupid that would hurt myself; doing something stupid like allowing myself to actually become bitter, perhaps – or maybe watching some crappy TV shows. In fact, merely writing these things helped me to feel better. I would think that most who know me would also know of my nearly relentless positive attitude – even when I’m feeling blue, I still always believe that life can and will be better. The spring 2004 – before the car accident – I had a wicked bout with depression that has helped me deal with downer days ever since. I certainly think it is ok to allow yourself to feel the lows, but since that spring of depression I have often told myself that I would give myself a day or some short period of time to feel it, and then I would be through with it – and this can work remarkably well. I could also have shown some way to show the sarcasm in the “honeymoon with paraplegia” comment… I mean, could there really be such a thing? It was kind of fun and interesting for a while, but there really aren’t that many benefits involved in the long run – and the long run has really been setting in for me recently. This could be a LONG run, afterall. So please don’t worry about me doing something to hurt myself or anyone else. I’m feeling a little low tonight, but there really isn’t anything to do about it. Heck I can’t even get out of my mom’s house because of all the snow! No wonder I’m feeling down…

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    14th December 2006


    That’s all I have to say about that.

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