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    28th October 2006

    What’s up with all the spam comments?

    Yeah, so everytime I go to check my comments lately (I moderate the comments before they actually get posted to the site, right?) there have been like 45 or 65 or 85 comments, the content of which are a bunch of shoddy URLs. Was there a program released recently that helps people do this? Or is there a spam filter for wordpress that I turned off somehow? Because even when I have gotten these sorts of comments in the past it has only been for a day or two and maybe only 20 or 30 or so – but 85 in one day? Come on folks! I’m not going to approve your comments if they don’t really pertain to this website or have some other intrinsic value. So spammers, please stay away – this website promotes wholesome content for the whole family (most of the time) and I just can’t approve of your comments.

    And I haven’t written anything in a while because I have been trying to write a paper or two for school, which I did, and now I have to write some more for school. Stay tuned for more of the exciting life of Daryl…


    18th October 2006

    Nate Geroche is a genius!

    My little brother told me that one of his friends once get his phone significantly wet and then he put it in the oven for half an hour and it worked again. So I tried this method, keeping the oven on it’s lowest possible setting… and voila! my phone works again. Is it any wonder I think I’m invincible? I spill milk on my laptop and it still works, I drop my laptop and it still works, I drop my phone in the toilet and it still works, I come within millimeters of kicking the oxygen habit three times in the course of 6 months but come out of it with mere paralysis… Either God loves me so much he wants me to experience more of life or he knows that I need some more time here to really prepare myself for there, ’cause I don’t want to spend too much time in Purgatory. Big props to Nate G or whatever sensei taught him the ways of the cell phone. Wait… I’m a Protestant… do I believe in Purgatory?


    16th October 2006


    Not the candybar, but me. I don’t think I should be allowed to handle electronic equipment anymore. Now before anything else, let me make it clear that it was Nick and not I who dropped my laptop last week – but there was only one person at fault when my cell phone splashed into the toilet this morning. Fortunately when I brought the computer in all they did was take it apart and put it back together and it worked again, leading the skilled repairs people at PCs and Parts to speculate that something probably had come loose. Unfortunately I don’t think that will be the case with my phone. But, to give good fortune the advantage on this week’s scoreboard, I present this evidence: I brought in my old laptop after I got the new one (actually Matt T’s old one) back – you might recall that I spilled chocolate mild all over it and it never started again. That laptop is now working again, or so I am told by the repair folks because they volunteered (at a cost) to get rid of the many viruses on the computer and I gladly gave them approval. I told the woman there about dropping my phone and she said, “Maybe you should attach these things to yourself with rubberbands or something.”

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    14th October 2006

    I’m so bad at school right now!

    I have been an awful student thus far this year. I really don’t do much studying above what I have to do to stay afloat right now. Maybe I’m tired of school at the moment – or maybe it is just hard to be doing school the way that I’m doing it. Or maybe I just want to play music and ride my handcycle and hang out with people – and nothing else (at least for a while). Unfortunately, to do that I would have to 1) Be an amazing musician and getting paid a lot of money to play; 2) Be an amazing handcyclist and get paid to do that; 3) Be a bum and live off of Social Security and my mom for an extended period of time (I’m already sort of doing this, but I’m on track and wanting to stop doing this ASAP); 4) Win some sort lottery; or 5) Marry someone with a very good job or a very fat inheritance. Most of these sound pretty good, but I definately don’t have the guts for any of them right now.

    Which means I need to get back to my homework…

    6th October 2006

    Mike and tennis…

    I had the privilege of watching my little brother’s final high school tennis matches yesterday. He hoped – and I hoped as well – that he would have a few more matches yet this season, but it isn’t to be. He won his opening match; lost in the Regional semi-finals 6-4, 6-4 in a match that was really much closer than that score indicates; and then lost a playback match half an hour later to a player who had only played one match that day.

    Michael has impressed me a great deal this season, not only with the improvements in his game, but also the improvements in his attitude. Once prone to giving up when a match wasn’t going his way, Mike became a fighter this season and played a number of tough three set matches – undoubtedly playing more tiebreakers than anyone else on his team. I wanted very much to see him qualify for the state tournament, probably more than I ever wanted myself to make state track when I was in high school. It didn’t happen, and I wish that he had another season to play because I know with the amount he learned this fall he would have even more success.

    Unfortunately this means that I now have to find something else to take the spot as my favorite leisure activity (although leisure wouldn’t describe well the amount of adrenaline I had in my blood as I watched his matches yesterday). I know that what I say here doesn’t change the results of yesterday’s matches, but for my part I think that he deserves top-billing here for a while. You the man, Mike.

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    Resisting the urge…

    Each time an article about cousin Dave is in the FC news there are a bunch of comments on their online website – besides several libertarian pro-gun-rights sites which have picked up the story. I have been wanting to respond to the comments very much, but know that this isn’t a good thing to do right now. Instead I will give the link to the Coloradoan forum from yesterday’s article, and then the reply which I wanted to submit – which of course contains no details pertaining to case – right here:

    Here in the United States we are for the most part consumed by fear, assuming that people are out there to hurt us. White folks are afraid to walk in neighborhoods which are predominantly black or Hispanic even though there are almost always more registered sex offenders in white middle class areas. We allow the exceptional people that we hear and read about in the news to govern how we expect people to act instead of giving people the benefit of the doubt and expecting the best.

    Now I have a friend whose mom says that nothing good ever happens after 10 o’clock, and though she is joking she might be right most of the time. However, there are a smattering of legitimate reasons why people might be out walking after midnight; and even if the reasons are not legit, it does not mean that their reason is backed by malicious intent against some person or property.

    This makes me think of all the times that I would cut through yards on my way home from a friend’s house late at night. It might have been a bad idea, but if someone would have confronted me I probably wouldn’t have known what to do, would have frozen in my tracks or just tried to continue on my way. I once thought a guy I ran by late at night had a gun and it was all I could do to run by with my heart in my throat hoping he wouldn’t say anything to me.

    Shooting someone in peacetime is a selfish act; it places your well-bing and property above any other considerations. And shooting someone in the back as they flee an act of extreme cowardice – even if you think they might come back. (On a side note: The Religious Right are often some of the big backers of gun-rights, but a Christian who is willing to shoot another person in a situation of this sort is putting their own this-worldly safety above that other person’s eternal salvation – though I understand that people don’t always think straight in the heat of the moment). I’m not in a position to judge what true justice would require in this situation, but for goodness’ sake, PUT YOUR DAMN GUN AWAY, STEVEN B. RAY!


    5th October 2006

    My cousin Dave…

    Charges were filed in the case of my cousin’s being shot… however it was not really what we hoped for. Steven Ray is being charged with a misdemeanor for firing his weapon in the city. It stinks how the media has portrayed David, but first and foremost I’m glad that he is alive and recovering well. Here’s the article from the Fort Collins’ Coloradoan.

    1st October 2006

    More on circumcision (WARNING: Graphic descriptions of Greek words below!)

    Last week was a good week at school. And a good week at home. And a good week at Revolution. There are two highlights that I will share here: 1)Third Day Victory Church, of which the Sunday Revolution thing is a part, meets in a hotel – the Hilton on Prospect in Fort Collins. Last Sunday (not today) Amy Grant stayed at the hotel after a Saturday night concert so Sarah Beth, the daughter of Pastor Jeff (the music and worship pastor), went looking for her around the hotel. Jeff was listening in as she recounted how she actually knocked on the door of the Presidential Suite until someone answered – an elderly man and NOT Amy Grant. We were cracking up and Jeff laughed a little too. Sarah got this big smile and then Jeff said, “Oh, I’m laughing now – but just wait ’til we get home…” with this big smile on his face. Classic.

    Highlight number two is the reason for the particular title of this post. On Wednesday evening I have a Greek class which is more or less remedial for me, so sometimes the prof will defer some questions to me. One of the students asked about why the New Testament Greek word for circumcision is peritome while the word for uncircumcision is akrobustia. In Greek, opposites or negations are usually made using the “alpha privitive”, which is just an alpha prefixed to a word. For example, nomos is a word for law while anomia means lawlessness; thanatos can be used to mean mortal while athanotos is immortal.

    A further piece of the question was that peritome is a rather graphic word – peri is a prefix which means around while tome refers to cutting (peritome was also apparently a type of cobblers knife). Why was akrobustia such a plain word? I thought I had an idea of where akrobustia came from and it’s own graphic nature, but I wasn’t confident enough to hazard a guess in class, so I told them I would find out and report back next week (which is this coming week). I also promised to do a little looking to find out how common the word euangellia – which means the good report or the gospel in New Testament times – how common this word was before the early Christian writers appropriated the word as their own.

    Let me tell you: My time with the lexicons did not dissappoint.

    Euangellia was quite well used during the time leading up to and throughout the life of Christ and work of the Apostles. It typically just meant something akin to glad tidings, which is what the angels said to the shepherds at the birth of Christ.

    And as for akrobustia – well I knew that the prefix akro means tip, top, or the highest part of something, as in the Acropolis, the highest part of Athens. But as for the other part of the word, I was clueless until I looked at the fat Liddell and Scott classical lexicon, which told me that it most likely came from the Hebrew word bosheth (or boshthe), which was a word pertaining to shame or shamefulness. It was also used as a substantive to refer to “shame/shameful parts”. So akrobustia is the top of the shame parts, which makes sense because it was the word used throughout Septuagint to refer to the foreskin.

    I was more or less giggling as I looked all this stuff up in the library at 9:30 in the evening. Probably the best half hour of last week.

    One last note on circumcision: I was reading the accounts of Jesus’ birth and childhood and we were supposed to look for ways in which the biblical Christmas stories differ from the way we think of and celebrate Christmas, when suddenly something jumped out at me. Jesus was circumcised on the 8th day like every good Jewish boy… If we celebrate Christ’s birth on December 25th, why don’t we celebrate Jesus’ Circumcision Day on January 1st?


    Copyright 2005 by Daryl Holmlund - All rights reserved.