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    25th September 2006

    It has been a while…

    A good long while since I last wrote. I’ve been in school, not really enjoying it a whole lot, but going to Denver and going to class. I decided to like it better this last week and its helping. The Revolution is still totally bomb, thanks to Michael and Josh. I think that soon I will return to life again and write more, but right now the only thing that could get me to post was the following section from another persons blog:

    Remember when David asked, concerning Goliath, “Who is this uncircumcised Philistine?” He was not engaging in pre-battle trash-talk. He was properly assessing the situation: Goliath was uncircumcised; he had no covenant relationship with God, no right to expect any help from the Almighty.

    Israel, on the other hand, did have such a covenant relationship. They knew God as Yahweh (a name expressed in our English Bibles by the name LORD in all or small caps). Elohim is the name by which God expressed Himself in creation; Yahweh is the name by which He revealed Himself in covenant. Israel have every right to look to God to rescue and provide for them in every way—though they often failed to exercise that right by putting their trust in Him.

    But David remembered and asked his countrymen, “Who is the uncircumcised Philistine, that he should defy the armies of the Living God?” (1 Samuel 17:26). Then he proceeded to take Goliath’s head off—literally!
    -from Jeff Doles on

    I was looking for a scripture reference for a homework assignment on Ephesians 2:11-13 when I ran across this and thought it was kind of funny… I mean, not that studying the bible is something to joke about… but maybe it is sometimes. This dude has a funny way of putting the whole situation. I tend to think that for an Israelite, calling someone “uncircumcised” is supposed to be a bit of an insult – like if I were to call someone an uneducated slob just because they don’t have a college degree in being a snob like I do – or like the way that the Philistines probably called the Israelites a bunch of circumcised prigs or something like that. And the other funny thing is that it seems like there is some sort of connection insinuated by the way the last sentence is attached…

    The other reason I liked this was that I was telling some people the other day that “philistine” can also be used as an insult today (though it was more common a number of years ago) meaning someone who is uncultured.

    And one final note: I’m thinking of making a myspace page so I can hobnob with people from Revolution and other places afar. Should I? It does seem rather philistine…


    10th September 2006

    A brief update

    My cousin Dave is doing well. His recovery has been remarkable – healing well must be a family thing (getting hurt might also be a family thing). Revolution, the new group that I have been playing guitar for at my church, has been pretty sweet. The other folks who have been playing music have been outstanding – and I know that those who will play in the future will also be. So a quick shout out to Carrot (also known as Michael B), Josh, and Case – they’ve been unreal. And another shout out to Doug for helping with some sound stuff. And another shout out to Shane, Stephanie, and Katie, who will be singing in the future, to Julie, who was banging a djembe today and who will hopefully sing up with us sometime – as well as her man James, who is a phenom on the keys. And while I’m at it, I’ll shout out to Nick and Ericka for being stellar leaders, David and Makeesha and their kids for being generally sweet, and Sarah Mac for being a real lover of Jesus. And to Michaeha (sic, is that the right spelling?) for bringing a bunch of people the first week. If any of you all are around Fort Collins, we’re meeting in the Hilton on Prospect at 11:10 am on Sundays. Stop by.

    EDITOR’S NOTE: The shoutouts mentioned above are not actually out loud and audible shoutouts, but merely a figure of speech by which I simply mean that all of the above mentioned people are super sweet.


    2nd September 2006

    The first week of school was hectic.

    I’m not really sure that there is really much more to say than that. I have a lot of writing to do this semester. I think I will like it to get into it, but it will be a lot. Also, since I’m kind of disorganized, I definately prefer classes that are “one paper, one test” or something similar to that, but this semester my classes are like “one paper, one test” every week, and make comments on other peoples’ papers online and the like.

    It was capped with the worst drive of my life, I think, wherein I got lost driving to Mike’s tennis match at Monarch High School and then lost on my way driving home from there.

    On the plus side, I have my handcycle back now. I went down to Drew and Jeanie’s on Tuesday night. I rode up this hill by Drew’s house and almost died. I’m not in very good shape and Drew is in quite good shape. Another highlight was staying with my Uncle Bill and Aunt Becky for the first time. They live not too far from the seminary, and I’m planning on staying at their place on days when I’m down in Denver for class.

    Alright, back to writing (other stuff)…


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