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    28th August 2006

    My cousin Dave

    Please pray for my cousin Dave Ebner and his wife Jesse and the rest of his family. Dave took a bullet to the trunk last night as he was walking home from a party – he and Jesse live in Fort Collins. I don’t want to speculate or make an inaccurate report, so I’ll give only a few details: The shot probably went from back to front and passed all the way through. The police found him about 20 minutes after the shot and he was just clinging to life still. He went into surgery and they ended up removing a portion of the lower lobe of his right lung. He is now in stable condition in the hospital, where he has had friends and family around (I visited this morning and plan to go back again this afternoon/evening). His parents are flying out from Connecticut today, where they had just returned after hanging around out here for a week.

    I’ll put some updates in the comments for this post


    26th August 2006

    The Rockies game…

    …was actually fairly enjoyable. They ended their 6 game skid with a 13-5 win over the Padres. There were like 25 total hits, but the game still moved along fairly quickly. What more could I ask for out of a baseball game?

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    25th August 2006

    New Student Orientation…

    …was what I was sleeping through this morning. I had to come down to Denver Sem and take a Greek test yesterday morning because they said I couldn’t take it today after orientation. The test took me 40 minutes. Most of it was a scan-tron test – I hadn’t taken a multiple choice test since my 3rd semester at Calvin, I think.

    At orientation they told us what to expect from school, which was not much. Or at least not that much different from any school. And they told us how to use their computer systems and internet resources, which I had already figured out. There was supposed to be a professor talking about the importance of critical thinking for Christians, but he is out of the country at the present, so we watched a video of his talk from last year. Pretty sweet.

    The sky is cloudy and gray today, and I almost hope it rains because I’m supposed to go to a Rockies game tonight (the Rockies are the so-called professional baseball team that plays in Denver – even living in Colorado they are so rarely the subject of discussion that if I were to hear someone talking about them I would do a double take and not be exactly sure what they were talking about for a few seconds). It’s not so much that I don’t want to go tonight as much as it is that I’m quite tired at the moment.

    And so it goes, and so it goes; and you’re the only one who knows…

    23rd August 2006

    Good times with the family and the first Sunday Revolution

    I am in the midst of some business. I’m actually quite stressed. I don’t get stressed like this very often, but enough things have added up right now…

    Life isn’t all stress, though. I have enjoyed the few moments I’ve been able to spend with extended family out here in Colorado right now. Last week my cousins Dave and Elizabeth and their son Zack were out from GR and so they came up with my Aunt Becky and cousin Linnaea (spelling?). I was going to go down and see them in Denver last Sunday, but I was way too tired to drive down by myself (see the first three sentences of this post).

    This week my grandmother is out here with my Aunt Nancy and Uncle Wally along with their unmarried children (my cousins) Ellen and Karen. Nancy and Wally’s other two children – Dave and Laura – now live in Fort Collins with their spouses, Jesse and Drew, and we had dinner last night with all of them, Eric and Meliss and the kids, Carrie and Loren, and Micah Stover. I love my family.

    This next Sunday is the kick off day for the new college-aged-focused service at my church (Third Day Victory Church). The group is called Revolution (and I should add the Revolution blog to my links, as well as 3DVC’s webpage…). We’re meeting at 11:05 am at the Fort Collins Hilton, on Prospect on the north-east side of campus. I guess I’m helping put together music stuff for the group, so get ready for lots of the Backstreet Boys during our worship time…

    There is a girl that I went to high school with that I remet a week and a half ago and have gotten to hang out with a few times since then. Her name is Kellie, and she fake-complained that I didn’t mention her when I wrote about the giant gummy bear, so hopefully she will read this post and see that now she is quite famous. I mean, come on, just getting mentioned on this site means that you are famous, right? (I’m not really that delusional about how many people read this…)


    18th August 2006

    The giant gummy bear: (still no pictures)…

    I know I said I would write about this on Monday and it is now Friday, but here it is:

    Last weekend I spent a lot of time with my little brother and some friends making a giant gummy bear.

    And I mean a lot of time.

    And I mean a giant gummy bear.

    The idea was birthed down at the Desperation Conference when we had a bag of gummy bears that we left in the car in the middle of the day. The bears turned into a liquid that conformed to the shape of its bag, and when it cooled off it was a blob of delicious gumminess (there are two accepted spellings of gummy/gummi, and I’m not sure which is best…). Immediately I wanted to know it it would be possible to make a much larger mass of gummy using a similar method.

    Then two weekends ago I was hanging out with a couple of friends, notable Kristen Andersen and Megan Baker when we decided to have a bit of a social gathering the next weekend. What kind of gathering? Connie A. says, “Its my birthday next Sunday and I’ve always wanted to have a Great Gatsby party!” What does that mean? 20’s music and flapper skirts or something, but I can think of only one thing and it has nothing to do with The Great Gatsby. Giant Gummies.

    “I’ll make some Giant Gummies for the party,” I announced, to which everyone gave questioning looks and then moved on to other details of party planning.

    So the following Friday – one week ago today – I began my experiment. The first attempt was just buying a 5 lb bag of gummy worms and melting them down in a plastic bowl in the microwave and then letting them cool in that bowl. It took a while to remove the gummy slab from the bowl but I could tell that there was potential for more.

    Michael and I then went online and looked to see if other people had made giant gummy creations. We found this guy who has taken an animal crackers container in the shape of a bear and had filled it with melted gummy bears to make a 13 lb gummy and this site: Naturally we figured that we could do that.

    Two days and 8 or 10 hours of work later, the giant bear was sitting in a place of prominence at our little social gathering. The bear that we made looked pretty similar to the one on the webpage above except that we only made 3 stripes – two red with green in the middle – and then we made him a bright red hat by filling a bowl with melted gummy and putting it on him so that his head wouldn’t be so flat.

    The hardest part was probably finding the animal crackers container. No, I take that back. The hardest part was getting it out of the container. If you ever try this, remember to cut your mold in half first and then duct tape it together so you just have to cut the tape to get it out – and then I would also suggest using some non-stick cooking spray or something of the sort because the stuff is pretty darned sticky while you are trying to get it out of the container. After it is out and dries off a bit, it isn’t as sticky, but at first…

    I think that a few shout-outs are in order here: Thanks to Drew Jones and Adam Engles for working diligently in the pooring phase and especially for finding the bear container. And thanks to Nick Temple who believed in the project from the first – and also for being the best and taking bites out of it at the party. Chris Trumbo did a nice job of chilling at my house whilst we were working on it, and of course Michael, though irritated by the project at time, was a great help at every stage.

    Needless to say, I won’t be desiring to eat many gummies for a while while my Michael has quickly recovered and is looking forward conquering more gummy creations in the future – possibly as a professional gummy-eater in Japan.

    Why buy the world’s largest retail gummi bear – 7 lbs and found here – when you can make one thats twice as big for half as much?


    13th August 2006

    A whole lot of nothing…

    That is what I have been doing for the most part for the last two weeks, but that is all going to change. Maybe. Tomorrow I’ll post a rather interesting story. I need to find out how to get pictures on this site, because that would enhance this story significantly. The story is in progress but I need to know how it ends before I say anything else. Tomorrow.

    But for the last couple weeks I have been recovering from the crash and wasting my life away. I’m doing some ghost-writing for my brother Eric. Lest you think this is exciting, know that the writing I am doing is the same sort of stuff that he also outsources to India. (Now don’t you go thinking that E is a bad person for his hiring practices – none of you want to do this job, as I myself have been finding out…) I guess it isn’t that bad – but it does make me wish I was back grading tests.

    I was actually hoping to get back to Grand Rapids for a few weeks to do therapy at Mary Free Bed Hospital, but things sort of fell through, and instead I’ve been here… trying to get myself to do some ghostwriting… not having my handcycle for use (I left it in Colorado Springs for repairs)… staying up late doing nothing… sleeping too late and then feeling tired… and doing more nothing…

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    7th August 2006

    A short update.

    I have been healing very quickly after my little bike crash the other week. The stitches are out, having fulfilled their purpose. Most of the scabbing on my face is off, though some of the stuff on my shoulder and back is still a bit messy. I haven’t shaved since the morning that I crashed, so I have some long peach fuzz covering up the new beauty marks on my face. And there have been some people telling me that I’m really tough, or at least that I look really tough, which is kind of silly I say, since my wounds are really just the result of an accident that I would have avoided if I could have. It seems like tough would be if you have a scar because you were wrestling a bear or an alligator or because you were in an underwater battle and someone shot a harpoon through your leg.

    The story of the weekend before Desperation…

    Chris Wiesehan, a friend from Calvin who graduated a year before I, and who has been working for General Electric as an engineer, and who is currently one of the most eligible bachelors in the country, was running some races at the “Corporate Nationals” track meet in Golden, so Dave Rubush and I went down to hang out with him.

    Back in the 80’s and early 90’s during the big business growth years and the dot-com boom, companies liked spending money to do things that sort-of promoted themselves and were sort-of cool for the employees, and one of those things was this track meet. All the events are relays that are kind of crazy but kind of cool, and usually have a combination of distances and male and female competitors, and sometimes some different age-ed competitors or certain age-ed competitors – all in the same relay. Back in it’s heyday, the corporate national track meet had a lot of companies involved, but now there are maybe 12 or 13 and not as many frills and gimmicks to the games.

    After the first day ended on Saturday, Chris and Dave and I had a little time to kill before we were going to go to Boulder to get some dinner with his teamates. We went to take the tour at the Coors Brewery and left David’s van at the track because we figured we would be going back that way on the way to Boulder. The tour was interesting and kind of fun, and then we went to Chris’ hotel to find that the people had already left, so we started driving back to Boulder via the track so that we might get the van.

    The track parking lot had been locked with David’s van within (and my handcycle within the van itself) and so we went on to Boulder and wandered around Pearl Street until we ran into the GE runners (no play on words was intended there…) we ate some food and then tried to figure out how Dave and I could get back to Loveland and Chris could get back to Golden. Finally, it occurred to us that Dave and I could take Chris’ rental vehicle and Chris could get a ride to his hotel with his teamates – and then we could go back down to the meet the next day and exchange vehicles.

    And so that is what we did, and then after the end of the track meet on Sunday, we went to Golden and I handcycled and David ran along this nice bikepath that goes down to Wheat Ridge – and it was all that a good summer’ weekend adventure should be, complete with slushy drinks that we got from BK on the way home.

    Another moment from Desperation…

    There was this time that Mike and I saw Jared Anderson, one of the guys in the Desperation Band and also one of Eric’s roomates at ORU, and he saw me and said hello and all that… And then he looked at Mike and was like, “Hi, I’m Jared, I don’t think we’ve met…”

    And Mike says, “Uhh, hey, I’m Mike…”

    And Jared does this double take of semi-recognition as he realizes that this anorexic Sasquatch is actually Mike Holmlund, who was 13 and considerably shorter (though possibly heavier… j/k…) the last time he would have seen him.

    And Jared says something to the effect of, “Wow, I’m not sure we’ve actually met,” or maybe it was, “I don’t remember meeting you,” or something, to which Michael was thinking – though not actually saying –“Come on! I’ve only stayed with you twice!” Once in Jared’s room or apartment back in Tulsa and once when we stayed at Jared’s parents before I did a triathlon at the Air Force Academy – which was actually the first night of the first Desperation Conference ever, and which Mike and I accidentally attended because we were going to stay at Jared’s parents’ house.

    Also in this brief encounter came my embarrassing moment of the conference – Mike would later say, “You got owned!” – though what really happened was just a little miscommunication.

    Jared was talking about how he had seen Eric at the Christian Bookauthors Association conference a couple weeks ago, and about how he could do anything he wanted to, and how he was this internet genius. But then the topic changed for a few minutes. And then he slurred, “Do you have a cell phone number?”

    And I was like, “Yeah, sure…” Why would he want to know that? So I gave it to him and he says, “So I can reach Eric at this?” and I realize that what he had actually said was, “Do you have his cell phone number?”

    And I’m like, “Oh, sorry, that’s my number… here I’ll get you his numbers…” And Jared is like, “Well, alright, I’ll just store this number real quick, too…” and it took him a second to hit delete and then I gave him Eric’s digits and he was like, “Alright we’re about to play, so I better get back stage…” because it really was only about 10 or 15 minutes before the evening session was going to start.

    (I did get owned…)

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