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    30th April 2006

    Music in my ears!

    My second year at Calvin I was in the men’s choir and we were ok, but not that good. This semester they changed the rehearsal time to Thursday evenings and opened it up so that faculty or staff or spouses could be in it as well as students. I was interested to see how it would be being in a choir again, and I must say it has been an enjoyable experience – albeit a bit awkward at times.

    All this to say we sang at Woodlawn CRC this morning and we have our end of the year concert with the Lyric Singers (a women’s chorus) this Tuesday eveningtime.

    The other thing about music in my ears was brought on because when Donald Miller spoke at Calvin a week ago Ken Hefner asked him to tell us some of the music he’s been listening to lately because in the “Thank-you’s” page of Millers book Blue Like Jazz he lists some music that he listened to while writing. So I just thought that I should let all you all know some of the stuff that I’ve been listening to lately:

    some of Shane and Shane’s old stuff (thanks Katie!) – there’s some amazing guitar playing going on there

    the Curious George soundtrack with Jack Johnson and friends (thanks Carrie!) – also good guitar and chilling songs

    Caedmon’s Call Share the Weal (again thanks Carrie!) – songs inspired by India will make you want to go there or send your money there or something

    Hillsong United To the Ends of the Earth, Look to You, and United We Stand(oh, wait, I mean that I would be listening to them but they are all out on loan to people or just simply MIA) – some of the best church music out there if you like to rock out, and they’re all recorded live!

    NickleCreek Why Should the Fire Die? – but it could be any of their albums since they’re all good

    AP Borodin Symphony No 2 – the 3rd movement drives me nuts its so good

    Reuben Morgan World Through Your Eyes – I discovered track 11 before spring break and it is really quite sweet

    The Postal Service – mellow electronic music that makes for really good atmosphere whether you are driving or hanging out or whatever

    I’m always interested in other sweet music – there is so much sweet music out there that I almost can’t handle thinking about it. I saw this concert a few weeks ago on PBS that was for malaria awareness in Africa. The concert was in Senegal and it apparently featured some of Africa’s biggest pop stars. It was amazing. I would love getting into some more other-culture type music – for a while I was listening to more Latin-American music like Juanes, but not recently.

    Woah, that was way more than I meant to write.

    27th April 2006

    Profoundly irritated!

    That is how I felt yesterday afternoon. I was at the library working on a paper when there was a fire drill. Since I was downstairs I went to ask if I was allowed to use the elevator, since in a real fire you’re not supposed to use elevators. No, I was not allowed, but since it was just a drill, they would allow me to remain at the bottom of a stairwell, waiting as though I had been assisted out (though I think if there was a real fire I would be able to get myself out without too much difficulty).

    This broke my concentration and when I returned to the computer I was having trouble starting up again. I got out of my wheelchair to blow some air into my seat cushion. This seat cushion is kind of like a bicycle tube, thin rubber walls inflated with air, and I had to inflate it every so often because there was a small, slow leak in one of the corners. As I was blowing up the cushion, the air valve just tore off, leaving a large hole in the corner where air immediately began to escape.

    Luckily the cushion that I have has four separate compartments that can be locked so that air won’t move between them. Unfortunately, with a previous hole in one compartment and a new hole in another, this means I only have air in half of my seat cushion.

    And I am profoundly irritated by this. Not only because its uncomfortable, but because it limits my mobility in some ways and could be trouble for my body if I’m not careful. But I’m even more irritated because it means that I had to spend time talking on the phone with service reps from the company and I’m going to have to take time shipping this thing there so they can fix it and I could be spending that time working on the schoolwork that I really should be doing right now.

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    20th April 2006

    I’m 21!

    Yesterday – by the grace of God – I turned 21.

    By the grace of God, I have never had more alcohol than the little thimble at communion the few times I’ve been in churches that have real wine.

    By the grace of God, I have never smoked a cigarette, a cigar, or a joint – never used illegal drugs of any sort (though I did take a lot of morphine after the old car accident).

    By the grace of God, I’m still a virgin (or wait is that a punishment?).

    I’m graduating from college in 4 weeks and I’m still a Christian. There have been some serious moments of wavering over the last couple years, but I actually believe now more than ever that this world and everyone in it is in serious need of experiencing the love and life of Jesus.

    I’m proud of these things. Not because I think that they make me better than other people, but because I know that they are a testament to God’s work in my life and because I’m ok with who I am.

    I know the post from yesterday said that I celebrated by going to class and working on a paper, but yesterday really was awesome. I went to class, and I love my classes. We read Greek and it was awesome. In Greek 304 Ben brought cookies for my birthday and Professor Bratt brought some brownies from the dining hall. The weather was beautiful and I got to hang out in the sun for a while. I went to LOFT rehearsal and got to make music with talented musicians. It was great. Maybe not as great as two years ago when I spent my birthday watching the Boston Marathon, but it was still pretty great.

    And speaking of the Boston Marathon, congratulations to my housemate David Rubush who finished the course in 2 hours 58 minutes 58 seconds on Monday. He’d been injured the couple weeks leading up to the run so he was mostly just going for the finish, but that’s not a bad time, either. Also congratulations to Joel Alberts and Josh Vander Wiele who were both around 2 hours 46 minutes. Thats awesome.

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    19th April 2006

    April 19: Today’s date in history…

    Primrose Day (England) – primroses are placed on the statue of Benjamin Disraeli in Parliament Square, London on the anniversary of his death (1881).
    Easter Sunday 1908, 1981, 1987, 1992. In the Gregorian Calendar Easter Sunday falls on 19 April more often than on any other date.
    1775 – Battles of Lexington and Concord mark the start of the Revolutionary War.
    1892 – Charles Duryea claims to have driven the first automobile in the United States, in Springfield, Massachusetts.
    1904 – Much of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is destroyed by fire.
    1919 – Leslie Irvin of the United States makes the first successful parachute jump and free-fall.
    1933 – President Franklin D. Roosevelt announces that the United States will be abandoning the gold standard.
    1936 – First day of the Great Uprising in Palestine.
    1943 – Bicycle Day – Swiss chemist Dr. Albert Hofmann deliberately takes LSD for the first time.
    1961 – The Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba ends in failure.
    1989 – A gun turret explodes on the USS Iowa, killing 47 sailors.
    1993 – The 50-day siege of the Branch Davidian building outside Waco, Texas, USA, ends when a fire breaks out. Eighty-one people die.
    1995 – Oklahoma City bombing: The Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA, is bombed, killing 168.
    2000 – An Air Philippines Boeing 737-200 crashes near Davao International Airport, killing 131.
    2005 – Joseph Ratzinger elected Pope Benedict XVI on the second day of the Papal conclave.
    2006 – Daryl Holmlund celebrates his 21st birthday by going to class and working on a paper, only taking a break to post something on his website.


    10th April 2006

    This is going to be short…

    …because it is absolutely amazing outside and I don’t want to stay in here. There have been many things happening in the last week, but my brother was moving information from his sites so I wasn’t supposed to post for a few days.

    We have water again. It was only out for 2 days. We were, however, without electrity for about 2 hours on Friday night. This wasn’t bad except that I was intending to do homework on Friday night and study for an exam which I took today. I think I did well on it anyways, so I’m glad that the power was out.

    All I have left to do this year is write a short paper and a moderate length paper and take some final exams. In my hardest Greek class we finished reading Aristophanes’ Frogs about a week ago, so now we’re reading the book of Revelations, which is easier that Aristophanes by a lot. So now that there really isn’t that much intense work ahead of me until the end of the school year, something is beginning to slip into my psyche, and its called senioritis.

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